Putin on the blitz

Vlad the Bad should know better.

At least that’s what his retired generals are trying to tell him.

He’s forgotten how Stalin got stuck in the quagmire of Finland before World War II, and Czar Nicolas the same, pledging his poverty stricken nation’s army to the meatgrinder of World War I and opening the doors to Lenin and the gulags and mass executions of communist tyranny. Let alone Napoleon and Hitler bringing their downfall trying to do the same thing to his country.

You’d think Vlad after all his years in power wouldn’t resort to woke amateur hour ideologues such as those running our swamp and it’s demoRAT enablers in America.

Apparently not.

What’s the lesson here? Perhaps it’s the old one, absolute power corrupts absolutely. We’re learning that lesson in a high-tech age, tin pot Ted Kaczynski’s hidden on the Internet and in their basements, absolute authority over their keyboards and muting any objections. Emerging in Zuckerbucks and Soros funded flashmobs of destruction under the cover of ANTIFA burqas and BLM hoodies, coddled by the demoRAT party and its metastasized swamp, sewer rats stuffing pre-printed ballots in the dead of night into unsupervised ballot boxes and demoRAT controlled polling stations.

As with Vlad the solution is push back from the people; whether it be Russian mothers of Soviet soldiers that die after being misinformed about their deadly mission in the Ukraine; or mothers at school board meetings objecting to both the racist Critical Race Theory’s cult of systemic racism, racial victimhood and white privilege; and teachers encouraging transgender clubs in elementary schools and high schools without the knowledge or permission of parents.

Here’s a New York post article on Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, risking his well being with a letter to Putin advising him not to invade Ukraine, and the obvious reasons why. I copied most of it, leaving out comments or references not relevant to the topic. Sentences highlighted in bold type are my doing.

Here’s the website with the entire article;

Former top Russian general warns Putin against ‘criminal’ Ukraine invasion

By Mark Moore

February 7, 2022 11:26am Updated

A retired Russian general has warned Vladimir Putin against ordering an invasion of neighboring Ukraine, accusing the Russian leader of using the standoff to distract from domestic problems and predicting an attack would turn Russia into a “pariah of the world community.”

Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, chairman of the All-Russian Officers Assembly, wrote in a letter titled “The Eve of War” and posted on the group’s website that Putin was pursuing a “criminal policy of provoking war” even though Moscow is not facing any “critical threats.”

“[W]e demand to abandon the criminal policy of provoking a war in which the Russian Federation will find itself alone against the united forces of the West … and resign,” wrote Ivashov, who retired in 2001 and has written extensively since about Russian military and international affairs.

Ivashov’s letter contradicted Putin by saying that NATO forces are not threatening Russia, while adding that the West’s nuclear weapons are under “reliable control.”


“As for external threats, they are certainly present. But, according to our expert assessment, they are not currently critical, directly threatening the existence of Russian statehood and its vital interests,” wrote the 78-year-old, who served as chief of military cooperation in Moscow’s Ministry of Defense during the early days of Putin’s rule.

Launching an attack on Ukraine “will call into question the existence of Russia itself as a state” and will make “Russians and Ukrainians mortal enemies,” Ivashov went on.

The former commander added that he feared NATO members, including Turkey, would intervene if Putin moved on Ukraine.

The former general said that Putin was pursuing a “criminal policy of provoking war” even though Moscow is not facing any “critical threats.”

“Besides, Russia will definitely be included in the category of countries that threaten peace and international security, will be subject to the heaviest sanctions, will turn into a pariah of the world community, and will probably be deprived of the status of an independent state,” he wrote in the missive dated Jan. 31.

He also predicted massive casualties, “the destruction of the usual way of life,” and the “violation of the vital systems of states and peoples” if fighting breaks out.

“ There will be thousands (tens of thousands) of dead young, healthy guys on one side and on the other, which will certainly affect the future demographic situation in our dying countries,” he said. “On the battlefield, if this happens, Russian troops will face not only Ukrainian military personnel, among whom there will be many Russian guys, but also military personnel and equipment from many NATO countries, and the member states of the alliance will be obliged to declare war on Russia .”

Michael McFaul, who spent two years as US ambassador to Russia during President Barack Obama’s administration, tweeted Sunday evening that Ivashov’s letter was “a big deal.”

“At one time, General Ivashov was one of the most respected (and hawkish) leaders in the Russian MOD,” McFaul wrote. “Russian generals don’t usually get involved in public policy debates, especially ones like Ivashov.”


Clockp, there’s plenty of evidence that NATO is a threat to Russia, they’ve been training them and giving them weapons for 8 years.


Let’s see your answer to the Russian general’s letter.

I’m quite sure that he and his fellow retired generals are well aware of the programs you cite in your articles, and would consider them of little significance towards a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Competent generals in the Russian military seem to have little concern co-existing with NATO and its organization, appreciating the self-interests of both sides.


clockp, There are Russian generals that say various different things, it still doesn’t change the fact that NATO is being deceptive.

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Thank you for this article and your comments, clockp.

The warning to Putin from the general is very interesting.

Apparently Putin ignored it.

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In what way, exactly, is NATO “being deceptive”?

And if it is, why would that be wrong if deception is an effective defense against an aggressive Russia?

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These three linked articles should be separate for separate comment.

The first two are sheer Russian propaganda.

As for the third, Tommy Robinson has his reasons for his anti-West opinion. He has been most unjustly persecuted. But he is not an authority on Russia, Ukraine, NATO, or geopolitics.

Why are you so determinedly on Russia’s side in this horrible war? Russia is the aggressor. Russia is a despotism. As for Nazis in Ukraine - as I keep saying, there are Nazis in every country. Most Ukrainians are not Nazis, and the presence of Nazis is irrelevant to the issue of who is to blame for the war. A Nazi element in the Ukrainian army is being used by Russian propaganda as a pretext for the invasion. Russia did not invade Ukraine because of the Azov regiment or because there are Nazis in that country. The Russian propagandists are hoping to engage Western sympathies by pretending that they are good guys fighting that terriible threat to the world - Nazism. As if this was the 1930s!

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Nazis in Ukraine were a threat to nobody.

The threat to Ukraine - and the world - is a nuclear-armed despotically ruled Russia.

Russia has a tightening alliance with Communist China.

Russia and China … Russia in alliance with Communist China … There lies the danger to the West, and to the world.

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We are not fans of archbishops, but this one is talking some sense:

“Ukrainian Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk has denounced Vladimir Putin’s sham ‘de-Nazification’ of Ukraine as an excuse for genocide.”

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Yes, Russia is using the threat of “nazis” in Ukraine as a propaganda tool. And they are the aggressor, and now aligning wirh China.
But that’s all the more reason for the West to be pressuring Russia and Ukraine both to come to terms of peace through negotiations, not war.
Instead, as Robinson points out, we’ve been arming and training the Ukrainians for war. And now we’re sending them more arms, and billions of dollars, to continue fighting. The war won’t stop - it will only escalate - as long as the U.S. keeps funding it.
All we have to do is stop the funding and use our influence to make them negotiate a treaty (what we should have done to begin with) and it would end.
But Biden has not only destroyed the standing of the U.S. as a respected world power, he is a puppet of the Chinese, who would like nothing better than to start a World War as an excuse to annihilate us.

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I wouldn’t trust the Archbishop word, and Nazis in Ukraine isn’t a propaganda tool, they were around since WW2 and they are a threat and it’s obvious that the objective is regime change in Russia, just like Al-qaeda with Libya, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and ISIS with Syria the same thing is going to happen with arming these groups in Ukraine, you should realise by now that they want to return Russia back to the 90s. What more evidence do you need that NATO is in the wrong here?

I agree with Liz that there should be a terms of peace through negotiations, not more training and funding weapons while bleeding our own economy dry.

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Michael Mcfaul also supported the Iran nuclear deal under Obama, criticised Trump, and praised the CCP for the “advantages of their system”, and their “commitment to harmony in government and society”.
Sounds like a shill for Obama, Biden, and the CCP to me.

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Richard Poe boasts: “Richard Poe is a New York Times bestselling author and award-winning journalist.”

Suddenly you trust NYT journalists?

“Putin reveals evidence” - you trust Putin?

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Yazmin, you are pushing masses of Russian propaganda at us. Why?

Who is Michaal McFaul? How has his name come up? I can’t find him in the Russian propaganda articles Yazmin is piling up.

Ah, I see he is a former US ambassador to Russia (2012-2014). I believe you - I have read - that he has held wrong and dangerous opinions in the past. But if he is against Russian aggression now, he is not wrong. It is all the more frightening when a Leftist warns against Russian and/or Chinese designs on the (comparatively) free world. Play-play Leftists in the West need to be frightened by the real collectivists.

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Liz, if we stop helping Ukraine, Putin will not negotiate with it, he will swallow it.

Ukraine is not a nice country. It is, and long has been, a rather horrid country, filthily corrupt. But we cannot look on unmoved while Russia seizes neighboring territories. Russia is a threat to Europe. In alliance with China it is a threat to America.

Biden is owned by China, that is true. China is allying itself with Russia. That means America’s aid to Ukraine is illogical. But everything the Biden administration does is illogical, nonsensical, insane. There must be some sane heads in the state department and the Pentagon who can see that nuclear-armed Russia’s aggression and territorial ambition - its imperialism - has to be combated, stopped if possible. Sanctions will not do it as long as China will not support them.

In the end, if Ukraine manages to keep hammering the Russian army as hard as it has been doing, there probably will be a negotiated settlement. But we cannot take the view that Russian aggression and expansion has nothing to do with us. Is America the top superpower of the world or is it not? Has there not been a Pax Americana keeping the world comparatively safe since the fall of the iron curtain?
If the World Economic Forum succeeds in establishing world government (its next ploy is through the WHO) which powers will dominate it? America? Obama and Biden have deliberately weakened their own country. China? Russia? The two in alliance? What ought we to anticipate? How far can we let Russia advance upon the West?

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In diplomacy?

Never heard of such a thing.

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Jillian, first of all, Richard Poe isn’t a NYT journalist, his title just says New York Times best selling author and don’t other Conservatives have their books on best selling author which I think Donald Trump had one of his books at some point and second I’m repeated telling you it’s not Russian propaganda to tell the truth and showing the evidence, you’re just choosing to ignore it by believing sources you’re siting that are only feeding you false reassurance and tricking you into support the war.


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Yes, I see your point, but I also think that, as Yazmin points out, the U.S. is attempting a Regime change in Russia, using Ukraine to do it. And that did not work out well when they tried it in Egypt, Libya, and Syria. It also puts the world at risk of a nuclear war.
True, Russia should be stopped, but more effort should be made by us to do that diplomatically.
The problem with that is, there are no competent diplomats in the Biden administration, since they are all either leftist fanatics, or corrupt, or both.

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Clockp, NATO keeps saying it’s isn’t a threat to Russia, but looks at the map:

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