World War Is Here and It's Past Time to Start Fighting It

Did World War III start decades ago? Yes.

If so, is Western civilization losing it because its leaders have failed to recognize it as war? Yes.

The WWIII that so many imagined never came because we were the victims of our own success. With or without nuclear weapons, no one wanted to fight an unrestricted global war against us so they found ways to undermine us, to tie us down and small wars to drag us into. They focused on undermining our morale, fracturing our society, turning our youth against us, corrupting our morals, buying out our economy and invading us through immigration.

While we still keep waiting for a big war to begin, our enemies have been winning it. World War III is here and we’re losing it because we don’t see what’s going on around us as a war. And so we never really fight back.

A world war plays to our strengths and our enemies, from the Soviet Communists of the Cold War to the Chinese Communists of today, from the local and international Marxist and Islamist coalitions, prefer to exploit our weaknesses. We may have the strongest army, but the worst internal security. There is nothing stopping foreign enemies from robbing us, ripping us off or just walking across the border. We hate the idea of war so we bribe our enemies to leave us alone, to return our citizens that they have taken hostage, and to win their hearts and minds.

Why try to tangle with an Abrams tank or an A-10 when you can bribe our politicians, corrupt our universities and fund terrorist groups to attack us around the world. That’s the real WWIII.

Instead of fighting a war as we imagine it to be, we need to be ready to win the ones we’re in.

Re-phrasing that:
Instead of waiting to fight a war as we imagine it to be, we need to fight and win the one we’re in.

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Yes, the CCP has been waging what they call “unrestricted warfare” against us for decades already - undermining us culturally and morally, bribing our elites, stealing our technological secrets, and gaining control of our manufacturing, among other things.
The Soviets (and our own Marxists) did much the same thing for decades before that.
We’re so weakened from within that we may soon collapse from the added weight of the foreign invasion across our borders, many of whom are unvetted terrorists who now have unfettered access to a limitless range of targets.

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