World War Coming

Even as the world’s attention remains focused on the narrow and dusty strip to Israel’s southwest, a far larger and potentially more consequential mobilisation is taking place across the Middle East.

From Lebanon to Yemen, via Syria and Iraq, the Iran-led regional axis of which Hamas is only a minor element is moving into position. Some of its component militias have entered the fray already, carrying out limited attacks against Israeli and US forces. Others have arrived at their jump-off points, awaiting the order to intervene.

It’s important to understand the nature of the alliance in question. It is the fruit of the methodology and the investments of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps during the past four decades in the Middle East. In that time, patiently, and with tactics adjusted to fit local conditions, Tehran has built an army of a type never before seen in the Middle East and that is now preparing for action.

This army consists of a host of nominally independent militias, that in reality are controlled by a central guiding hand. It is a unique melding of regular and irregular capacities, and of the political with the military. Most crucially, the IRGC method weds the Islamist fervour from below that remains the dominant force across the Arab world at street level, with the capacities, armaments and organisation that can be supplied only by a powerful state.

This is what the mobilisation of this army looks like: On Israel’s border with Lebanon, the Hezbollah organisation that is Lebanon’s de facto ruler is launching Kornet antitank missiles, drones and rockets at both military targets and civilian communities every day. Efforts to infiltrate terror squads across the border also are ongoing. Fifteen to 20 attacks a day of this kind are taking place, according to figures released by the Institute for the Study of War. Israel has evacuated 28 civilian communities close to the border.

In Syria, the Iran-supported militias that defeated the rebellion of 2012-19 are once more on the move. From their positions in the deserts of Deir al-Zor province in the country’s east, they are heading west, toward Deraa and Quneitra provinces, adjoining the Golan Heights. In recent years Iran has carved out an area of its exclusive control that stretches from the al-Qaim-Albukamal border crossing between Iraq and Syria to Syria’s border with Israel.

Exclusive means the IRGC doesn’t need the permission of the nominal ruler of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, to move its pieces across the board. It is along this area of control that the militias, with Iraqi, Syrian and Lebanese fighters chief among them, are making their way, from the border crossing to the town of Mayadeen, exclusively controlled by the IRGC, and then onwards west.

The militias are attacking US targets in Syria, too. On October 19 they launched three drones at the US-controlled al-Tanf base in the desert on the Syria-Jordan border. The Conoco Mission Support Site, located inside Kurdish-controlled eastern Syria, also was targeted.

Across the border in Iraq last week, Kata’ib Hezbollah, the most powerful of the Iran-led militias in that country, and its allied organisations launched drone and rocket attacks at three sites where US troops are present: the Ain al-Asad air base, Baghdad International Airport and the al-Harir base in Iraqi Kurdistan. The Badr Organisation, largest of the militias in Iraq, issued a statement threatening further attacks.

So Iran’s long investment, arming and organisation of Islamist forces across the region appear to be heading for a denouement now. It is impossible, of course, to predict the precise course of events in the next days. But the mobilisation is plain to see.

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Israel is holding back its planned and desperately needed ground attack on Gaza because Biden told Netanyahu that’s what he wants. Which is to say, that’s what Obama wants – and half the population of the United States.

What next, America?

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I’ve also heard (by a Mike Philip on WarRoom) that the CCP has planned to draw the U.S. into a “Four front war” in order to weaken our defenses.
They are allying with Russia and Iran. We’re already in a war with Russia, and it looks like Iran may be next, so that doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

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Terrifying prospect, but all too possible.

This morning I’ve seen a number of conservative articles in which the feeling is expressed that we are heading into world war.

All this would never have happened if the Fascist Democrat Party hadn’t cheated its way into power. If Trump had been where he was actually elected to be - in the Oval Office - the Abraham Accords would be extended by now to include more Arab States, Iran would have been sanctioned into poverty, Putin would not have dared to invade Ukraine and so on.

More than a year - at least - still to go of the “Biden” administration. What will be left of our world, of civilization, at the end of it, I wonder?

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Former President Donald Trump says the threat of a third world war is imminent following the invasion of Israel.
Trump’s warning came during a campaign stop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa just hours after terrorist organization Hamas began its invasion of the country.
“We are closer to World War III than we’ve ever been,” Trump told attendees. “And I’m the only one that will prevent World War III.”
Trump went on to say that such a war would be the deadliest the world has seen, pointing to advancements in weapons.
“That won’t be a war with army tanks going back and forth, too,” Trump said. “That will be a war with weaponry the likes of which this world has never seen before … I know it. I know it better than anybody.”
The former president lambasted President Joe Biden’s leadership on both the national and world stage, arguing that he has caused the war with his stupidity.

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Yes - as has been accurately noted - “elections have consequences; stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.” We are now into the third year of a non-stop tsunami of catastrophic consequences.
So it’s not surprising to see the possibility of World War 3 looming on the horizon.

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The Israel-Hamas war is poised to escalate, threatening “Armageddon”, and Americans are still being held hostage in Gaza. But on Thursday, the State Department focused its attention on other matters —namely, celebrating “Intersex Awareness Day".

Those guys in the “Biden” administration sure know what’s important!

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Of course…what a pathetic joke they are.
Can’t let reality interfere with the higher priority of establishing the New Clown World Order.

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I laughed aloud when I read your comment. Thanks, Liz.

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