Why, gawd, why?!

This could be placed under Insanity or Morals or… do we have a “how to destroy all life on Earth” category?


The particular virus focused on in the report only affects amoebas.

But this sort of activity - the revival of dead viruses and gain-of-function experiments such as the covid virus was subjected to - needs to be stopped. To start with, it needs to be criminalized.


Redfield called for gain-of-function research to be stopped until there was a “consensus” on its benefit to society. He said there was evidence of the virus as early as September 2019 and expanded on three now-declassified “highly irregular” findings that bolster the lab leak theory. Redfield claimed researchers deleted sequences, changed command and control of the Wuhan lab from civilian to military, and allowed a contractor to retrofit the ventilation in the lab. He called the last point “really telling”.



It wouldn’t surprise me if they revive the virus so they can blame it on the warmer temperatures -
“See? Global warming!!!”
And then get the added benefit of infecting the entire world with it to help stop the terrifying threat of the “population explosion!!!”


Yes, Redfield’s testimony is very damning to Fauci.
Also to Brennan, the commie head of the CIA who was involved in the deal with the CCP at the beginning.


Hmmm…can you believe there are such “things” as virus hunters?

And, Jillian, thank you for the info. I did not read far into the article…mea culpa.

I wonder how close are the DNA structures of amebas and humans… Is there potential for someone to alter with gain of function a zombie virus?

From somewhere in Google search:

Humans have 20,000–25,000 genes. About a third of the genes in these amoebas are shared with humans. These “conserved” genes encode for proteins that form structures that are similar between humans and amoebas — this is one reason the single-celled creatures are excellent models to study.


Yikes! But it does confirm Darwin yet again.


Yet another scare scenario put out by climate science press in concert with climate scientists committed to the idea - political sci-fi - that human beings can keep the planet from warming at an average rate less than or equal to 2 degrees a century. I file this piece under “Millenarian Cult Crap”.

MCC is characterized by the actual science being spun or framed to further the purpose of climate change activists:

Science: In the research paper, Miner labeled the direct infection of humans with ancient pathogens released from permafrost as “currently improbable.”

Spin: “There’s a lot going on with the permafrost that is of concern, and (it) really shows why it’s super important that we keep as much of the permafrost frozen as possible,” said Kimberley Miner, a climate scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California.

Policy: “The best course of action, Miner said, is to try and halt the thaw, and the wider climate crisis, and keep these hazards entombed in the permafrost for good.”


Always a win-win scenario for the wackos in power to keep that power…