WHO Ramps Up Fear-mongering On Monkeypox

The Daily Telegraph has received millions from the Gates foundation, and the WHO has received hundreds of millions from the Gates foundation:

We do not know if monkeypox can be contained, warns WHO


Monkeypox may not be containable, the World Health Organization has admitted

In a statement on Tuesday, Dr Hans Kluge, head of the WHO’s Europe office, said that although the monkeypox response should not mimic the scale of Covid-style restrictions, health authorities do need to take “significant and urgent” action to mitigate the threat.

I think it’s possibly significant that this is one DT article that is not behind a paywall, is it unreasonable to suspect that they are getting paid to produce this propaganda?

Interestingly even the UK government admitted (thanks to a FOIR) that it has also received funding from the Gates Foundation:


The UK Government receives charity from Bill Gates? Grotesque and absurd!


This has become so predictable. It’s obvious just by examining the pattern of the last few years, following the money, from sources like Gates, into the media, the government, the big corporations, etc.
It gets even worse when you expand the picture and see how long its been going on. This Monkeypox scenario mirrors the AIDS epidemic, and Faucis fingerprints were all over that, too.


Surprising comments from retired generals about the monkeypox declaration:

“‘They Are Right on Our Predicted Schedule’: Retired US Generals Issue Warning About New Pandemic Declaration”


Yes, its all SO predictable!!