Who is a Leftist Criminal Idiot?


Edited quote:
Marci Bowers, a pediatric surgeon, has done thousands of gender surgeries, including on minors, none of whom, she admits, will be able to experience sexual satisfaction. Bowers creates vaginas out of penises and makes them “functional”—as if the purpose of female genitals is to be penetrated (without pleasure, remember), not to give birth.


Yes, Leftists are, beyond all doubt, criminal idiots.
Anyone who can condone, much less perpetrate this insane, abusive mutilation of children, is either a completely brainwashed idiot, or intentionally evil.
And Fox News is now promoting it!


Good grief! Is Fox promoting it? Who in particular, which host?


I saw it under the headline “Matt Walsh calls for heads to roll at Fox News” at Citizen Free Press.

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Thanks, Liz, I found it.

A tweet by Allie Beth Stuckey:
I’m stunned that Fox News ran a segment celebrating a girl whose parents “transitioned” her into a boy when she was 5 because she apparently told them she was a boy “before [she] could talk". Absolutely maddening & heartbreaking.
(A video follows.)

How did the infant tell them BEFORE SHE COULD TALK?
How could knowledge of sexual inclination enter the head of a baby?
The stupid cruel parents have sterilized their child.

How could Fox be so naive as to believe the story?


Exactly. How could Fox cave so cravenly to the “woke” agenda? What a disgrace.