Which Side is Likely to Win the Coming Civil War?

Thinking about the hot civil war to come, Kurt Schlichter writes:

Will our military kill American citizens to suppress opposition to the junta’s rule? The leadership will certainly do it without hesitation. Again, the leadership has been carefully selected and groomed to accept that order if and when the time comes. Milley is clear that he thinks the greatest threat to America is other Americans. Oh, the brass hasn’t won a war in thirty years, and the Chinese are laughing at us in Mandarin as the Navy’s pride flag-waving ships run into each other on the open seas, but they have plenty of time to root out “extremists” in the ranks. And by “extremist” they mean people like you – the very folks who traditionally serve in our military. Conservative. Patriotic. Cognizant of which bathroom to use. Those people, the enemy of the ruling caste. They have been largely pushed out of the senior ranks, and those that remain keep their heads down counting down to retirement. And few new ones are flowing in – the woke military can’t meet its recruiting goals.

Now, right-wing anarchist imp Michael Malice recently posited that: “The conservatives joking about how ‘woke’ the military supposedly is becoming should realize that it would be far easier for the Federal government to use a ‘woke’ military against them and their families.” This is true, but so is the fact that it will be – hell, it already is – a bad military. Our disastrously-led forces lost to a bunch of mountain tribesmen. Do you imagine their performance fighting ticked-off fellow Americans, who do not want arms and many of whom got military training back when we had a real military, will be better?

His concern also overlooks another key point – the wokeness is in the senior ranks, where your commitments to the fascist ideology that is DEI signals that you are down with the struggle and therefore trustworthy for advancement. These senior leaders, like their FBI counterparts, have an investment in the institution. But all is not lost. The regular joes and middle-level leaders, though shedding many of the patriots that once filled the ranks, are less inclined to that nonsense since they have less of an investment. Most are doing a single hitch; they have no pension to protect. These are the folks who would be expected to do the dirty work, and the dirty work would largely be atrocities committed upon their own people. If it got ugly, we could expect significant desertions and some level of non-compliance, even mutiny. Whole formations in National Guard units, which work for state governors, might resist intact. And it can be fixed quickly with a real leader who clears out the Pentagon deadwood.

But let’s not overlook the fact that a lot of troops would still obey such an order, even if it meant suppressing their fellow citizens. There is a cheery notion to consider, though. The military and law enforcement can put maybe 3,000,000 people on the streets, and a lot of them are support and logistics. There are about 150,000,000 patriots. If it all goes to hell – and, sadly, the trash who run our institutions are dumb and evil enough to make it all go to hell – I still like freedom’s odds.

But they have tanks and an air force.

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“But they have tanks and an air force.”
That was my thought, too.

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