What We Are Up Against: Evil Incarnate

This generational and ideological divide has drawn America and much of the rest of the West into a literal civil war, as revolutionary organizations like the neo-Marxist Black Lives Matter and the anarchic thugs of Antifa have shown not only that they can set cities afire at will (while law enforcement stands by), but that they have captured corporate America’s boardrooms as well. It is a divide that will take a concerted counter-revolution to reverse.
Nothing has exposed the depth and breadth of this fault line quite like the October 7th surprise attack in Israel by the terror group Hamas, in which an estimated 1400 innocents were murdered, and the subsequent surge of support for it among young people and the cultural elites throughout the West. In the aftermath of that savagery, which historian Victor Davis Hanson calls “pre-civilizational,” supporters of Hamas and the so-called Palestinian people throughout the Western world – from New York to London to Sydney –made their Jew-hating, genocidal, anti-Western intentions defiantly clear.
Instead of the universal support one might naively expect for unarmed innocents horribly butchered by terrorists, the arsonists among us felt emboldened enough by that slaughter in Israel to celebrate it in the streets, on college campuses, and of course in the online toilet of social media, and then to launch a new pogrom against Jewish students and communities throughout the West.
Now we know who among us still possesses a shred of humanity, on the one hand, and who celebrates the gang rape, torture, and literal butchery of Jews (in particular) and Western “colonialists” (in general) on the other. The battle lines between good and evil, between civilization and barbarism, between what could be the last generation of Western civilization and the first generation of a new Dark Ages, have been drawn more starkly than ever before. Now there can be no mistake or denial of what we are up against: evil incarnate.

The writer’s final paragraph recommendation (not quoted above) that we have “faith in God” in order to reverse the West’s decline, is a hole in his otherwise pretty solid case. The Hamas terrorists have great faith in Allah.

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Now we see the result of all these years of the hidden abuse of our immigration and asylum laws.
Since 9/11, the Muslim population in the U.S. has doubled. The “sleeper cells” have turned into armies of radical terrorists and their supporters.
This development is itself the result of decades of a relentless assault on the U.S. and the West by communists, who infiltrated and corrupted our government and institutions and changed our laws behind our backs to work against us.
As a result we’re now being crushed between two evil ideologies - Marxism and Islam, both used as tools by the nation hating globalists to destroy us.

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