What Happened to the American Republic?

Victor Davis Hanson asks: “Did someone or something seize control of the United States?”

He explains why he asks with a long series of other – vital – questions:

He feels that: “We are beginning to wake up from a nightmare to a country we no longer recognize, and from a coup we never knew.”

But are “we”, as Hanson says, beginning to wake up?
Are there signs that the nightmare is over? If so, what are they?
They are hard to discern.
The economy is worsening, sources of ample cheap energy are being abandoned, squadrons of new viruses are pouring out of China, the populations of the West are dying out and our countries are under increasing occupation by barbarians.
The United States is still governed by crooks, dolts, and freaks.


Thanks VDH for putting all the questions in an article and thanks, Jillian, for posting this.

I know you adore Beck… :innocent:

He was reminding us of the list of conditions for America’s decline and possible disappearance…it might have been someone else’s list, but Beck has been discussing it with us for a long time, it seems.

All conditions have been met and surpassed and the last one is being met; loss of trust. Loss of trust in government, in elections, in institutions (CDC, FBI, CIA, IRS, etc.) in media, in public educating institutions, in our university system, in religious leaders, etc.

After the loss trust comes either a world war or a great reset, not the one we talk about now, but any great reset. This must have been someone else’s list. Anyway, we are here.

So, it comes down to saving the thing that makes nations great…families. Families that love their country, families that make towns and counties work, families that stand together to support their children and rear them in the values that made America a great… and good nation… and families that can keep the Constitution and Bill of Rights as THE best idea for governing so far created to promote a pro-human future.

History rhymes if it doesn’t actually repeat itself.

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With what piece of history is the decline of the US rhyming?

There have been other declines and falls. What decline was saved by families?


Greece. Rome. Egypt. Any empire that rises. Greatness rises, wealth rises, apathy takes over, tyranny begins… Is this similar to what has happen to America?

It is strong families that make strong nations. The family is the cornerstone. You don’t agree?

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Greece. Rome. Egypt. They declined and fell and were not saved.

What had made them great? War, military strength, conquest, tribute, trade, wealth, intelligent administration, literacy, learning …

You suggested “families”. I could interpret “families” as meaning: development from clans to tribes; alliances, nations, nation-states, laws … Yes. law, very important.

What made them decline and fall? Why did none ever rise again? None did, unless we count China, that once was a great civilization, and now, centuries later, is a fearsome power.

No, I don’t think history provides a precedent for recovery from decadence and failure.

No “rhyming”.

But I’m open to persuasion if you can show me where I’m wrong.


I agree that the family is the key unit that, when strong, provides a strong foundation for a Republic. That’s why it’s been the goal of communists to destroy it. They replace the parents with the State, and brainwash the children.


As I mentioned over at TAC, yes, someone did.
All the evidence points to the reality that most of our politicians, including the president, have sold themselves to the highest bidder, and that, right now, is the CCP.


Perhaps America is the latest incarnation of fallen empires of the past. You don’t see a pattern of rising and falling? Oh, it is the rising again that throws you off. Did Greece, Rome and other empires, which inspired the Founders rise within America?

China, indeed, China is an enigma, but perhaps it is the very, very long game plan that keeps it going.

No, I mean the nuclear family of mates and offspring. It is what we start with and the it is there in the end, waiting to start again as the unit that stands together generation after generation…more or less, but enough, I think, to make something important last. America is something important.