What Does Hamas Deserve?

Extreme atrocity:

'Hamas terrorists employed sadistic practices aimed at intensifying the degree of humiliation and terror inherent in sexual violence.*

Many examples are given in this article. Read it all if you can bear to:

It’s hard to believe, but even worse was done. These descriptions are more than enough for now, at a time when advocates for Hamas are claiming at hell’s HQ - aka the UN - that Israeli soldiers rape women in Gaza. (Needless to say, they do not.)

The US State Department’s “just” solution, much sympathized with and echoed all over the world: Give the Hamas terrorists a state and they’ll lose all their aggression towards Jews and adhere to the highest moral principles in all their dealings with the State of Israel.

Mm-hmm. Sure. Stands to reason. No doubt about it.

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Yes, only a complete idiot could believe that giving anything to the Palestians would make them stop attempting to murder more Jews.
The combination of stupidity, evil religion and the evil ideology based on it that Palestinians are taught from birth creates monsters who can only be “reformed” by complete annihilation.

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