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Hello All! I am putting together a crucial post on a subject of international importance to post on your new forum within the next day or two, but I just thought I’d stop by and say hello today! As I have communicated with Jillian already, I am returning to writing now, very much galvanized after a break, but also ever more concerned about the direction of travel that Western civilization is heading in!

Chauncey! Hello, hello. So good to “see” you.

Western Civilization…heavy sigh. Life goes on whether we tend to it or not. Well, at least it does for me and many others. Some apparently wish to end their genetic contribution because of climate change or sensitivity to being white and their unbearable sin of being so. Maybe both.

Hugs to you, Chauncey.

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Hello Jeanne, good to ‘see’ you too! Hugs reciprocated!

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