Universal Healthcare Stories

Hi everyone,

I am sharing a new website I launched called Universal Healthcare Stories. The purpose of the website is for individuals to share their experiences, positive or negative, while being treated under a universal healthcare system.

I decided to launch this website because I feel Americans are often shortsighted about universal healthcare, often only concerned about reduced costs rather than other important details, such as quality.

I am trying to find groups and organizations to share this with but don’t know where to start! If you have any ideas please let me know.

Here is the website - https://universalhealthcarestories.com/


Good idea! I recall the cases of parents in the UK who weren’t allowed to get help for their babies, but weren’t given help by the UK’s system, either.


I have been living in Sweden since 2016 and have been appalled by how the elderly are treated, primarily with having to wait months to over a year for relatively common procedures. Their life is put on hold as they wait for care. Their dementia and overall health becomes worse as they wait at home.

I am sure many Americans would give second thought to universal healthcare if they knew their parents and grandparents would have to wait so long for care, and may even be abandoned if the procedure does not have desired results (as is what has happened with my Swedish mother-in-law).

People with life threatening illness are given optimal care swiftly, but people with non-life threatening issues, which is most people, often have to wait extended periods of time for basic care. I can’t even book a call back time with the local health clinic if I call past 8am, the answering machine will say the system is booked for the day, call tomorrow!


Yazmin, Chauncey - is there an organization or publication in Britain that opposes or exposes the National Health Service?


Ell -
Starting such a site is a good idea.
Here are some of our posts on the subject of state-provided health care.
Please feel free to use them in any way you choose.

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None that I know of other than outlets like The Spectator, GB News and Lotus Eaters questioning the NHS.


Just saw this GETTR post by Tommy Robinson:


The Hart Group is a group of doctors and academics which has been formed specifically to challenge the COVID-19 response, they have been challenging the vaccination of children. They have a pretty impressive set of participants some of whom are quite well known voices now (at least among the lockdown sceptics anyway, I don’t think they get much publicity on the MSM):