Unheard Screams, Loud Silence

Author and international relations expert Dr. Yvette Alt Miller, in a recent column in Aish, noted that around the time Sheryl Sandberg’s documentary Screams Before Silence— about the Oct. 7 rapes and murders of women and girls — was released, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres “all but publicly declared Hamas had not used sexual violence".

Alt Miller pointed out that in Guterres’s annual report titled Conflict-Related Sexual Violence, he failed to list Hamas among the organizations that had employed sexual violence over the past year.

Even worse, a week after the release of Sandberg’s documentary, the United Nations sent a troubling press release to Agence France-Presse. The flashy title was U.N. Experts Condemn Israel’s Sexual Assault and Violence in Gaza. The title was clearly designed to grab readers’ attention. But the release failed to provide any compelling proof of sexual violence perpetrated by IDF soldiers.

This absurdly fatuous and unsubstantiated U.N. libel, which condemned the IDF for horrific acts it didn’t commit, was clearly intended to divert attention from the blood-curdling incidents of rape and sexual torture copiously documented by Sandberg in Screams Before Silence.

What does this say about the world’s attitude towards sexual violence when it happens to Jewish females? Apparently, the world decides it does not exist.

The obscene and repulsive treatment they meted out to the Israeli women, both those barely alive and those already dead, cannot be comprehended … It cannot. It is too incomprehensible, too unfathomable, too repellent.

The writer notes that “there is no outcry from the women’s movement”. No surprise there. The surprise would be if even the slightest murmur of sympathy arose from that source.

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The UN must be destroyed.

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It would be one thing if they simply subsumed the “crimes against women” into a broader condemnation of “crimes against humanity”, which it was, since they also tortured and killed infants, children, and men. It was all equally horrific.
But they not only deny it, they go even further and project their own crimes onto the Israelis, who are simply defending themselves from further attacks.
The Left is famous for projection, so this isn’t surprising. It just beggars belief that anyone - even leftists - would stoop to employing that tactic in the wake of such an extreme tragedy.
But then again, when you consider that they funded and enabled the entire thing in the first place…

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A welcome piece of good news.

Amina al-Hassouni, the seven-year-old girl who was critically wounded in Iran’s massive missile and drone attack on Israel over a month ago, has regained consciousness.

Amina was the only Israeli casualty in the attack on the night of April 13. She was critically wounded when shrapnel from an intercepted ballistic missile struck her family’s home. Amina was placed on a ventilator and rushed to Soroka Medical Center, where she was put in a medically induced coma and where doctors fought for six weeks to save her life.

It was reported yesterday that Amina had regained consciousness and was speaking again.

Arab-Israeli activist Yoseph Haddad wrote on social media,"This is 7-year-old Amina, an Israeli Muslim citizen who was critically wounded a month and a half ago in the missile attack from Iran, was sedated and ventilated with life-threatening injuries and recently, against all odds, woke up and began the recovery process.

"The terrorist organizations and the head of the snake - the Iranian regime - harm innocent Jewish and Arab Israeli citizens and their goal is to destroy the entire State of Israel! The world should blame them - not the State of Israel!"

Iran fired about 350 attack drones and missiles at Israel in its massive attack on the Jewish state, including 30 cruise missiles and 120 ballistic missiles. Nearly all of the Iranian projectiles failed or were intercepted, though debris from one intercepted ballistic missile caused Amina’s injuries.

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The famous Israeli novelist Dina Rubina received this letter:

“Good afternoon, Dina
The Pushkin House advertised our upcoming discussion on social media and immediately received critical messages regarding your position on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. They would like to understand your position on this issue before reacting in any way.
Could you formulate your position and send it to me as soon as possible?”
Natalia! “

Dina Rubina’s magnificent reply, greatly to be applauded, ends with this:

And now that Israel, shocked at last by the monstrous crime of these bastards, is waging a war to destroy the Hamas terrorists, who have prepared this war so carefully, planting thousands of shells in all the hospitals, schools, kindergartens… – here the academic world of the whole world has risen up, worried about the “genocide of the Palestinian people”, based, of course, on data provided by… whom? That’s right, by the same Hamas, by the same UNRWA… The academic community, which was not concerned about the massacres in Syria, the massacre in Somalia, the mockery of the Uighurs or the millions of Kurds persecuted for decades by the Turkish regime – this very concerned public, wearing “Arafat” around their necks, the trademark of the murderers, rallies under the banners “Free Palestine from the river to the sea! – which means the total destruction of Israel (yes, many of these “academics”, as surveys show, have no idea where this river is, what it is called, where some borders are…). – Now this very public asks me to “take a clear position on this issue”.
Are you serious?! Are you serious?!!
You see, I’m a writer by profession. All my life, for more than fifty years, I have been folding words. My novels have been translated into 40 languages, including Albanian, Turkish, Chinese, Esperanto… and many others.
Now, with great pleasure, without using too many expressions, I sincerely and with all the strength of my soul send all the brainless “intellectuals” interested in my position - go to hell. In fact, very soon you will all be there without me”.

Read the whole letter here:

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This affection for Hamas puzzles me, particularly when Jewish students are involved. Would even one of the student protesters choose to live under Hamas rule? Certainly not a woman. Certainly not a gay person. What about an American-born Palestinian? We all remember how joyfully Hamas members threw PLO leaders from their rooftops.

The same demonstrators ignore the kidnapping, the rape, and the fact that the Palestinians initiated this war, knowing full well that Israel would have to fight back. What nation wouldn’t?

Campus humanitarians of the world: Wake up! The victims of the Oct. 7 attack were among the most peace-loving people on Earth. They tilled the soil and worked for peace with Gaza, not from a privileged ivory tower but while sustaining decades of rocket fire.

That expensively educated university students – among them Jews – are aligning themselves with the bigoted, murderous, antisemitic Hamas is ludicrous and evil.

I just don’t get it.

Read it all here:

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Excellent letter by Dina Rubina. Exactly the right question - “Are you serious?!!” And the right conclusion - “Go to Hell!”
The fact that “academics” can ignore the atrocities of such inhuman monsters and side with them against their victims is proof of how thoroughly the poison of leftist ideology destroys the mind.

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