Two Cases of Stupendous Injustice

Donald Trump, far from deserving to be treated as a criminal, should be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. The Abraham Accords, his seemingly miraculous triumph, is one of the greatest achievements for peace of any leader in recorded history.

It is an inspiration to others:

It is despicable, bribed, crooked, treasonous “President” Biden who belongs in jail, and has not even been indicted.


Yes, it’s amazing what one honest man, when he somehow beat the system and got elected, was able to accomplish! Actual peace and prosperity was achieved! The world got a brief glimpse of how things should, and could be, if only it were allowed.
But it couldn’t be allowed!
That’s why they had to get rid of him at all costs, and install someone they had control over - the completely corrupt, criminal scumbag, Biden.
It’s not just stupendous injustice, it’s pure treason.

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