Trump Again - or the Last Trump?

Is the Iranian proxy war against Israel leading to Armageddon? Obama-Biden would have it so. Trump would stop it.

Identifying with the Palestinian cause means death. Dispossession and resistance are only its leitmotifs. Its major themes are failure in war, rejection of peace, and the sacralization of terror. It is not a nationalist narrative about a proud people fighting for independence against an imperial juggernaut. It’s an account of clans and warlords paid by international and regional powers to toss the inhabitants of Gaza and the West Bank into an industrial-scale meat grinder to advance the interests of everyone from the Soviet Union and the global left to Syria and Iran.

No one wants to send U.S. troops to fight for Israel, and Israel doesn’t want the Americans there. Historically, the U.S. officials who want to deploy troops to Israel are anti-Israel leftists, like Samantha Power, who once imagined a scenario in which the U.S. would have to dispatch troops to prevent an Israeli “genocide” of Palestinians. When Biden sent a Marine general to consult with Israeli brass two weeks ago it was to stall the ground invasion, not to assist the Israelis. That Hezbollah has repeatedly fired on Israel is further evidence the aircraft carrier groups Biden deployed to the eastern Mediterranean are there not to deter Hezbollah, but rather Israel.

In demanding that Israel allow aid trucks across the Egyptian border uninspected, and restore Gaza’s electricity, water, and internet, the president is dismantling Israel’s blockade. With Israeli troops on the verge of bisecting Gaza Wednesday, Biden called for a ceasefire. These are actions characteristic not of an ally but an adversary. And offering Iran negotiations for the purpose of legalizing its nuclear weapons program and giving it access to hundreds of billions of dollars are signs of friendship, not enmity.

Which is why, of course, Iranian allies are shooting at U.S. troops in Syria and Iraq: not because they’re escalating war with the U.S., but to encourage Biden to pressure the Israelis. And it’s working. The Biden administration has even prohibited U.S. small arms manufacturers from exporting rifles and handguns for Israelis to defend themselves against another Oct. 7 massacre.

Trump’s assessment of the Oct. 7 massacre shows that [he] sees the world clearly.

“This is a fight between civilization and savagery, decency and depravity, and between good and evil,” Trump told a Jewish organization recently. “There is no comparison between a group that worships death and a group that cherishes life.”

He added that every death in the conflict was on Hamas alone, and then seemed to go off script for a moment. “I think you really have to add in the word ‘Iran’—Iran, people don’t want to talk about it.”

Trump was referring primarily to the Biden White House, but he might also have been referring to some of his supporters. Trump is right. The best way for America to avoid entering foreign wars is to get the details straight, or else relaying White House and Iranian talking points will obscure the factor most likely to lead to Armageddon—that the Biden administration is determined to give Iran’s murderous regime the bomb.

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The election of Obama to the presidency was the worst thing that ever happened to the United States.

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The best way for the U.S. to avoid entering foreign wars, at least in the present case, is to have prevented them by not funding and appeasing enemies like Iran in the first place.
The communist Obama and corrupt communist puppet Biden have both favored Iran against Israel.
They must think they can keep Iran at bay by continuing to appease them with cash, and to protect Iran’s proxy Hamas at Israel’s expense.
As always, it raises the question - is that obvious miscalculation a result of incompetence, or deliberate?

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It is deliberate policy. The Left is a movement of destruction.

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Yes, I think you’re right. Mostly deliberate (orchestrated by Obama and the Iranians planted in our defense and security departments), combined with mostly just corruption, stupidity, and senile indifference on Bidens part.

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Yes. I totally agree with you.

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