Trump 2024 - Because the 2020 Election Was Stolen From Him and the American People

Recall that 2020 was unlike any election in American history. One need not declare that it was “stolen” to admit that it was obviously rigged. After all, the people and institutions that rigged it have freely admitted what they did. They suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story, censored what Americans could say on social media, introduced unprecedented changes to our voting system under the pretext of pandemic precautions, and poured hundreds of millions of dollars into putatively nonpartisan local election offices through Mark Zuckerberg-connected nonprofits for the sole purpose of turning out Democrat voters in swing states.
Nothing like that has ever happened in American history. And it was all done for the singular purpose of ensuring that Trump would not serve a second term. What’s more, all of that came after four years of the permanent regime in Washington discarding every political norm, bending every rule, and breaking more than a few laws in a failed effort to oust Trump from office during his first term.
Now, maybe you think that’s all nonsense, or just water under the bridge. What’s done is done, we can’t go back, and even if the 2020 election wasn’t on the level we all just need to move on and go about the 2024 primary season like it’s business as usual. There’ll be debates and a deluge of political ads and campaign shenanigans. There’ll be a chaotic, rambunctious primary full of zingers and debate moderator tomfoolery, and at the end of it Republicans will have their nominee and we can all get on with the general election.
Sorry, but that’s not going to happen. It won’t happen because Trump supporters are understandably not willing to forget 2020 and just trundle along through 2024 like none of it happened.
No one should expect Trump voters to forgive and forget.

All good except: if the 2020 election was rigged - and it was - then it was stolen.


Also because he’s one of the greatest presidents the US has ever had.

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Yes, it was both rigged AND stolen.
They attacked it from every angle possible.
They did all the things he mentions, PLUS tampered with the machines, the voter rolls, and produced tons of fraudulent ballots, among other things.
If sanity and justice were restored today, Biden (and many others) would be put in handcuffs and frog-marched into the D.C. Gulag right now, the J6 political prisoners released, and Trump installed in the White House. (“I have a Dream!”)
By running against him, these others are denying all that, and expecting us to go along with their denial.
So they shouldn’t be surprised that MAGA voters are saying, not just “no”, but “hell no!” to that.