"Trans-Buddies" Assigned to Doctors to Monitor Them for "Transphobia"

Imagine you’re an orthopedic surgeon who got into the medical game to heal broken bones, which you’ve been doing successfully for decades.
Things run smoothly. Patients come and go. Bones heal.
Then, one day your supervisor, a fresh millennial with a woke MBA, introduces you to a hulking blue-haired, tatted-up Shrek.
The LGBTQ+++© monster before you, your supervisor explains, has been assigned to your operating room from here on out. Its job is to watch intently from the corner while you work, Big Brother-style, notepad in its lap, waiting for you to subconsciously betray the smallest sign of transphobic hate so it can have you hauled in front of a medical ethics tribunal.
On top of that, you’re harangued at every staff meeting to get the latest Pfizer product or risk losing your job because pharmaceutical profits preempt medicine.
So you quit the only career you’ve ever had, just like 20% of your peers have since the pandemic started.
The only doctors left are compliant, defeated cowards who will literally say and do anything the corporate state tells them to without limit because that’s what The Science© and diversity demand.


We are now in a totalitarian State.
We’ve even surpassed the one Orwell envisioned.
We not only have to comply with their dictates, it has to be sick, perverted dictates.