To Prepare Americans for Totalitarian Communism

The Connecticut Democrat’s National Strategy for Social Connection Act, would “create an Office of Social Connection Policy within the White House to work across federal agencies to develop effective strategies for improved social infrastructure and issue national guidelines for social connection similar to existing guidelines on sleep, nutrition, and physical activity. It would also provide funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to better understand the epidemic of social isolation and loneliness”.

Why should a government have anything to do with my sleep, nutrition, physical activity, or choice of society? None of that is government’s business.

Government’s business is to protect every individual citizen from harm with the rule of law, and the nation as a whole with a strong military. Government interference in the private lives of individuals – though always done with the pretext of benevolence - is tyranny, and forceful interference is totalitarian tyranny.

This article is about the government’s claim to be concerned for people’s “loneliness”, which - with entirely benevolent intention of course - it must remedy by devising “strategies” to force to them into “social connection”. It’s a transparent plan to prepare the nation for communism - aka “improved social infrastructure”.

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Money to the CDC “to better understand the epidemic of isolation and loneliness”.
Not only is it, as you say, none of the government’s business, and a pretext for more tyranny, it is a galling insult that the government, and in particular the CDC, who themselves deliberately caused the “epidemic” through their own tyrannical imposition of lockdowns, are now going to leech more money out of us on the pretense of compassionately trying to “understand” it, and fix it for us!
Yes as always, the government creates the problem and then pays themselves with our money to come up with the solution - more government control.

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