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I would rather have drag queen shows in Ecuador…

If you have seen the “documentary” film, Snow Piercer, or the TV series by the same name, you might recognize the experimental and desperate-to-stop-climate-change notion that particulates and,or chemicals can be sprayed into the stratosphere to reflect or block the Sun’s light to the assumed perfect degree to halt warming.

I am assuming none of these people watched. Still…those people didn’t do it right and this time it will be different. Don’t you just know it? Oh, there is that thing about “assume, assuming, assumed, assumption” but don’t worry about that.

This from a newsletter from Dr. Malone’s substack, wherein he is discussing the Tonga volcanic eruption in Jan of this year.

From Robert W Malone MD, MS
Oct 20
"temperatures in the southern hemisphere have crashed this summer. Furthermore, as these particulates (volcanic dust) have spread across the world - colder temperatures, combined with large snow and rainfall are already occurring. It can be expected that this winter in the USA and the European continent, there will be colder temperatures than usual, more rain and snowfall. Already, Europe has had a colder than usual fall. ……… that it has become extraordinarily difficult to track these particulates and changes associated with this explosion, as the government(s) appears to be playing “hide the data.”
“……the inclusion of water vapor in the mix (it was a subsea volcanic explosion) mean we can expect see colder temperature, snow and rain events in the northern hemisphere and there will be crop failures this winter in the southern hemisphere. With luck, the particulates will settle out by spring, so our planting season in the northern hemisphere will be less impacted. But that is an unknown. A hypothesis.”

And, that is the effect of the most recent enormous volcanic eruption since Krakatoa. The entire substack article can be found here: Are you a Grasshopper or an Ant?

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Yes, believing in stupid hoaxes like “man made” climate change is one thing, but making and carrying out the stupid policies that arise from them is another. Like killing off our energy supply, and now this…