The TV Feminist Who Loved Fidel Castro

Edited quote:
When feminist icon Barbara Walters sat quivering alongside Fidel Castro in 1977 cooing that “Fidel Castro has brought very high literacy and great health care to his country. His personal magnetism is powerful!”, dozens of Cuban women were suffering in nearby filthy rat-infested sweltering torture chambers. Fidel Castro, so “magnetic” to Barbara Walters, had 35,150 Cuban women jailed and tortured for political “crimes”, a totalitarian horror utterly unknown in the modern history of the Western Hemisphere. The guards were forced to drag many of them around like dead animals. They were incapable of walking. The constant beatings incapacitated them. The excrement and menstrual fluid caked to their legs and bare feet made it more difficult still. Some of the cells called “tapiadas” were barely big enough to stand and walk in and were completely sealed except for a few tiny air holes. The women were confined completely underground in total darkness and suffocating heat for weeks at a time. These were tombs by any other name, except that their occupants were still alive, if barely and if only by ultra-human perseverance.


She’s so typical of the entire mainstream media, and feminists in general. A useful idiot for the Left, with no interest whatsoever in questioning the narrative, or paying attention to any reality they might accidentally bump into.

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