The Truth is the Opposite of What We Are Told

It is easy to birth conspiracy theories.
All that is required is chronic government stonewalling of reasonable requests for transparency. Then add in high officials serially lying under oath, along with the blatantly unequal application of the law. Institutionalize arguments from authority of politicians and bureaucrats who refuse to adjudicate arguments empirically.
Include the weaponization of investigatory and intelligence bureaucracies. Finish with the transformation of an obsequious media into a mouthpiece of the state. And presto, you end up with a skeptical, cynical public that learns to believe the very opposite from what it is told by elites.

Read the whole of Victor Davis Hanson’s essay. It lists the biggest lies the “Democrats” in power have told us:

Yes, we do believe the opposite of what we are told by the liars who rule over us.
So what do I - and presumably many other members of the “skeptical, cynical public” - believe about the death of the Obama’s handsome young chef?

The official story is that -
Chef Campbell drowned because he couldn’t swim, or couldn’t swim very well. A big strong healthy young man, who was in fact a very good swimmer (there’s a video to prove it), drowned in a few feet of water.

Our conclusion: He did not drown.

The “accident” was witness by a woman.

It was not witnessed by a woman. Nor by anyone. There was no accident. If another person was involved in the death, it was a man.

Barack and Michel Obama were away from home.

Barack Obama was home.

The event was called in to the police by a woman.

It was called in by a man.

The Obamas loved him and will miss him.

The Obamas were furious with him and wanted him gone.

The Obama daughters were scheduled to be flown away from the scene of the death.

The Obama daughters were hurriedly despatched away from the scene.

The daughters had nothing to do with the death.

One or both of the daughters were involved in the circumstances of the death.

The police will tell the public the truth about what happened when the autopsy and toxicology report have been completed.

The public will not be told the truth. They will be told a string of lies, as they have been up to now.

No one is above the law.

The members of the junta tyrannizing over us are above the law.

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I suspect that Tafari Campbell was murdered.

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Yes, the Obama’s now join the infamous club of the Clintons, who had a whole new word - “Arkancided” - created in their honor!
Anyway, of course no one trusts the lies we are told by traitors who are arrogantly flaunting their abuse of power in our faces. Nothing will change until they are gotten rid of. But they plan to get rid of us first…

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