The Treason of the Intellectuals - Niall Ferguson

A very good essay and video followup by the always insightful Niall Ferguson.

Here’s the essay:

​Here’s the video:

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This video has already been posted, Cogito. See below: The Counter-Culture to DEI.

Yes, saw the video already but glad you posted the article, which is even better! So much there to unpack. The history of both Communism and Fascism, and how they are just two “flavors” of the same thing, totalitarianism.
Very interesting that the establishment of Israel was apparently just one among other “solutions” to the “Jewish Question”, to which Hitler responded with his “Final Solution”.
Klemperer saw the “National Home for the Jewish People” as “an admission that the Nazis were right”, and that “that would be letting the Nazis throw us back thousands of years… the solution to the Jewish Question can be found only in deliverance from those who have invented it.”
I think Israel certainly has a right to exist, and to defend itself, but its location definitely threw them back thousands of years into ancient Islamic barbarian savagery.
But coming to America doesn’t seem to be such a great idea now, either, with the barbaric anti-semitism now raising it’s ugly head here, too, within the Left - and leftist intellectuals - which so many Jews embraced.

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But it’s okay to post it again, Cogito. And you’ve added more to the video.

And your headline is better than mine - more attractive to readers.

The essay - which I overlooked and did not post - is very valuable. Thank you!

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So very sorry. But, yes, it is worth posting again. A remarkable essay and interview.