The Terrorists' Godfather

George Soros is deeply evil. Though a Jew himself, he sold Jews to the Nazis, and now he is doing all he can to destroy the state of Israel. But whenever he is criticised he cries “antisemitism”!

“Several groups involved in organizing anti-Israel protests that have broken out at college campuses since last week have received money from organizations funded by left-wing billionaire George Soros.”

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Yes, more phony, paid for protests to serve the real cause of Soros - causing chaos, anarchy and the destruction of society - and for what?
This will somehow bring about his vision of Utopia?
He truly has earned the label of “evil”, for doing more damage to civilization, singlehandedly, than any other individual in modern history (except for maybe Marx, Hitler, Stalin and Mao).

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Several groups [not just individual protestors - ed] organizing the anti-Israel protests on college campuses are being funded by left-wing extremist George Soros.

According to a new report, Soros is paying pro-terrorism activists to harass Jewish students and help them set up encampments at universities such as Columbia, Yale, Berkeley, Harvard, and Ohio State University.

All of the demonstrators have been organized by branches of the Soros-funded Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) group— which have been told to “rise up, to revolution".

Then there is the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR). The Soros-founded organization Open Society Foundations, which is now run by his son Alex Soros, has reportedly contributed $300,000 to the USCPR since 2017, while the Rockefeller Brothers Fund has given it $355,000 in the past five years.

USPCR provides up to $7,800 for its community-based fellows and between $2,880 and $3,660 for its campus-based ‘fellows’ in return for spending eight hours a week organizing “campaigns led by Palestinian organizations,

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So you’ve got Soros and the CCP funding this, and the faculty at the colleges where the protests are taking place largely supporting them, since they’re all Marxists, which is the common denominator. Marxists, in league with Islamists, are paying their useful idiots to serve as props in another staged, phony, manufactured “crisis”, just as they did in the BLM and Antifa riots in 2020, and the Black/ Women’s/Gay/Sexual “Liberation” of the 60’s.
Now that Marxists have taken over the institutions, it’s become an annual ritual - instead of looking forward to celebrations of Independence day, we must now anticipate with dread another series of riots for the latest victim group’s “liberation”.
Same old crap, dressed up in new costumes.

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Here’s further proof of the real motives of Soros and his paid protesters - (from an article at Gateway Pundit) - 'Campus protester says “We must have a revolution so we can have a socialist reconstruction of the U.S.A.” ’
So there you have it. Somebody always says the quiet part out loud, and its always the same thing, from “climate change” to “the intifada” - the real goal is to destroy capitalism and advance socialism.

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