The Story of the Corrupt Son of a Corrupt Father

Now Does the Junta of our Discontent Make an Inglorious Summer with this Son of a Jerk.

There are two crucial elements to this story.

First, the agents’ testimony amounts to one more brushstroke in a grotesque emerging portrait of the president’s son.
Biden’s dissipated lifestyle resembles classic aristocratic debauchery. He is the corrupt son of a corrupt father, meandering through a purposeless life in an endless quest to satisfy his momentary appetites.

Second, and far more important, the debauched aristocrat always lives above the law.
Biden’s legal troubles, which include both tax- and gun-related charges that have landed others in prison, resulted in a plea deal and no jail time.
While a federal judge has yet to approve the deal, the mere fact that the Justice Department struck such a deal with the president’s son should fill every American citizen with indignation.
Any honest person knows that this is a two-tiered justice system, but the tiering goes beyond Democrats vs. Republicans.
This is about a ruling class to which Biden belongs by virtue of his family connections.
Thanks to the testimony of two IRS agents, the ruling class might not be able to shield the debauched aristocrat Biden much longer.

Not much longer? For sure? As President Trump often says, we’ll see what happens.

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I suspect that no matter what damning evidence they come up with, he’ll still get off easy.
They’re too deep into their crimes (not just the Bidens, but the whole apparatus that’s protecting him) to let the cracks in the dam get any bigger.
But maybe it will burst anyway!

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