The State Wants Your Money

Saule Omarova, “President” Joe Biden’s Russian-born and devoutly Stalinist nominee for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), called during a March 2021 conference to ELIMINATE ALL PRIVATE BANK ACCOUNTS AND DEPOSITS.

Your money, the money you worked for, must be redistributed to people who didn’t work for it, so that the government of the once-free American Republic can enforce total dependence on government - a policy or doctrine known as “equity”.

To have nominated her, “Biden” (the shadowy demons who manipulate the so-called president) must be Stalin fans too. Now tell me that we aren’t already under a Communist tyranny!


Yes, we ARE already under Communist tyranny!
Nothing could make it plainer than this commie Biden has nominated to control our money.
This should be such a shocking, appalling affront to every American, that he would be hounded out of office as a traitor for even suggesting it.
But sadly, it’s not only being tolerated, it’s quite possible she could get the job. A shameful but accurate picture of how far gone we are as a nation.