The Serbian President?

This is an article by PJW: Serbian President Warns Of "Great World Conflict" Within Two Months | ZeroHedge

If the Serbian President is thinking straight, why isn’t ours?

Sorry to follow this up with another, but I guess the question should also be, What the eff is Putin thinking?"


A great world conflict within a month or two -
interesting! Just in time for the next election!
Of course it could just be a coincidence, but that would be an awfully convenient excuse to abort the elections and seize more unconstitutional power.


:laughing: Always one to see the negative side of things, Liz! But you are probably right…the Left never lets a crisis go to waste!

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Yes, they never do, and they will stop at nothing.
Considering their record just since 2016, its hard NOT to expect the worst from them!