The Red-Green Alliance in Europe - an Axis of Evil

Antisemitism in European cities is reaching 1930s levels and London is the worst of them all, an Israeli government minister says, warning of mass migration, radicalisation, and the hard left coming together and “serious consequences” for inaction.

The growth of antisemitism in Britain is “terrifying”, says Israeli government figure Amichai Chikli, who warns freedom of speech is being extinguished in the old “beacon of light and democracy”. “Wokeism”-infected London is now the “most antisemitic place in the West”, the Diaspora and Antisemitism Minister said, counselling the United Kingdom and other Western nations to take another look at their open borders polities and soft-touch approach to extremism.

The anti-Semitism we see today in the West is the worst since the 1930s and it is because of a ‘red and green’ alliance – the combination of the radical Left and the radical Islam groups that work together.

Of course the Muslim mayor of London denies all this.

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“…while rising anti-semitism is a problem, so is anti-Muslim hate.”
Of course, Khan makes it a moral equivalence!
As if they were even in the same universe.
No one would hate Muslims if they weren’t killing everyone. Murder IS just a bit off-putting…
Jews, on the other hand, are killing no one, but Muslims hate and kill them anyway, and everyone else, too.
The question is, why and how did this disaster happen? The alliance of Muslims with the Left is the answer. As always, our true enemy is the Left.

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Yes. The Left opened the gates to let the Muslims in.

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Yes, just as the Romans let the barbarians in initially. This is a horrifying situation, but it only confirms my thoughts that we are long past the point of redemption. A new Islamo-Marxist Dark Age is nigh.