The Pandemic Of Stupidity

Another health crisis is unfolding before our eyes, a pandemic of stupidity.

UK TV presenter Jeremy Vine has been struck down with COVID (clip of him in bed describing symptoms):

He says:

'100 per cent of our presenters have got it. That means there must be a lot of it about.

But but … you’re all fully jabbed (2 jabs) plus extra booster-jabbed are you not right (double-plus one full vaccinated)? I mean, you TV presenters are the people who have been telling everyone they must get jabbed!!! We mustn’t joke about it though because Jeremy is obviously really ill, he had to make his report from his bed! He’s got a sore throat and aches and pains, and he says in years gone by he would have had to go to work regardless but that “that’s not possible now”. What terrible times we are living in … It would have been so much worse though if he hadn’t been jabbed:

It began, oddly enough, with a painful shoulder – a deep muscular ache right in the spot where I’d been vaccinated. That might have been easy to dismiss. But then came agonising muscle pains in my legs that kept me awake, intense bouts of shivering and a yo-yoing fever.

So just let me get this straight, you “finally” got COVID after you were jabbed, and the problems started around the injection site? I’m already speechless… but she goes on:

Except, at this stage in the pandemic, after one of the most successful vaccine rollouts in history, the question is whether I should have had any symptoms at all.

Yes that is a question we should be asking ourselves at this point I think.


Yes, she might ought to ask that question!
The stupidity is astounding. The willful ignorance and gullibility. Trust the government, they’re here to help you!


Was Jeremy Vine’s illness credibly confirmed as covid?


I think only the deity that we don’t believe in knows the answer to that question.


Fauci also no doubt (of course) must be fully double plus jabbed by now, but that didn’t stop him catching COVID, so apparenty they put him on a course of a new Pfizer wonder-drug that really does combat COVID (sorry I mean ALSO combats COVID). That seemed to be going well until it wasn’t, on the fourth day after his treatment course he had a “very rare” reaction

Fancy that. What are the chances of the world’s most prominent health official getting a very rare reaction like that I wonder?

I am often tempted to use the Holy Ghost’s name in vain these days. Let us pray for a good outcome to Dr Fauci’s illness.


This is Karma at its finest!


Related, this is funny, Steyn makes fun of Jeremy Vine:

“Where would we be without Mark Steyn?”

Not so funny though, a comedian has died apparently of “unknown causes”:

NICK NEMEROFF: I will not get the third shot. I will not. Pfizer me once, no shame. Pfizer me twice, shame on Covid. Pfizer me three times, shame on you. You want me to get a third shot. What’s next? A fifth shot? No, thank you.


The Mark Steyn link is very well worth following.

The last few paragraphs about crime in Britain and how it is not being tackled or even recorded by the police are hugely shocking.


Steyn’s commentary is always great.
Whats happening in Britain is the same all over the West. The left accusing normal people of imaginary “toxic masculinity”, while ignoring the actual toxic masculinity pouring over its borders.
Then enabling it further by castrating the police and letting criminals off the hook. And the list goes on…