The Palestinian Empire

Margaret Thatcher declared rightly that Britain was a product of history, the United States a product of philosophy.

It can as rightly be said that “Palestine” is a product of emotion.

Not one emotion, but a stew of emotions: disappointment, resentment, envy, frustration, annihilating hatred.

It is not a place, not a country, not a nation-state, not an ethnicity. It has no language of its own, no long history, no distinct social customs, no home-grown institutions, no distinguishing variety of religion.

But it has a world-wide empire.

Lee Smith describes it. Here are selected passages from his article in Tablet:

Polls showing that Palestinians in the West Bank as well as Gaza continue to celebrate and support Hamas, with nearly 75% backing the Oct. 7 massacre that killed 1,200 in southern Israel, would seem to dash U.S. policymakers’ hopes of gaining momentum toward establishing a Palestinian state.

But for the Palestinians, that’s irrelevant. Why should they bother with arduous negotiations leading to compromise over two noncontiguous plots of land when they already have something far greater and much rarer? Empire.

Something new has been brought into the world, something monstrous.

With the intifada globalized, and millions from West to East—from the dispossessed of the Southern Hemisphere to privileged Scandinavians—stirred by similar furies, it’s like an end-of-times World Cup parade every day. Supporters cheer their champions, the world’s team, the Goliath that kidnapped, raped, executed, and beheaded children.

The salient fact is that the crushing military defeat suffered by the Palestinians will hardly matter, as long as the world’s one superpower—alongside Europe and the Gulf Arab states—stands ready to rebuild whatever Israel destroys. By continually revitalizing the Palestinians, by giving them new life, the stewards of global affairs have engendered something that by definition cannot survive in nature on its own: a society that celebrates death as its highest value. The Palestinians claim that it is their perseverance and faith, their willingness to suffer great losses, that ensures their ultimate victory. But the source of their steadfastness—their ability to replenish their arsenal and refurnish their tunnels and other military infrastructure—is, in fact, a luxury repeatedly afforded them by the U.S. and its European partners. Had world powers simply allowed Israelis and Palestinians to make war, the party of permanent resistance would have had two choices—change radically or perish entirely.

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Yes, just like all the other bogus “causes” pushed by the Left, the Palestinian “cause” only exists as far as the Left props it up.
It serves the real purpose of the left, which is to destroy the West and all its values, its rule of law, democracy, etc, and replace it with tyranny.

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