The New World Order is already here

“We’re living in it. And things are going to get far, far worse during the coming months because we are now already in the kill phase of the Great Reset. Decisions are made by, or according to the demands of, a tiny group of lobbyists and cultists who have been manipulated into representing the interests of the conspirators – either wittingly or through stupidity and ignorance.”

“We are being controlled by conspirators who control the sort of people who believe that gluing themselves to the road in front of ambulances is a good thing to do.”

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The Exposé is not an intellectually respectable source. Although on the political Right, it favors opinion resulting more from prejudice than judgment. The quotation from Dr. Vernon Coleman has examples of this. Eg. he speaks of “the war AGAINST Russia”. (I know you share that opinion with him Yazmin, but the fact remains that Russia is the war maker.)

I advise the abandoning of this source.

I think he makes alot of great points. We ARE “already in the kill phase” - people are still dropping like flys from the ill effects of the “clot shot”.
As for him saying “the manipulated war against Russia” - he’s not necessarily saying we started it, just that it’s being manipulated by the powers that be to further their own goals, such as increasing our financial crisis, food and energy shortages, etc, while enriching themselves on the sale of weapons.