The Mystery Of Go Woke Go Broke Corporate Policies

This seems to belong in the insanity category.

Why do corporations like Gillette advertise their products in ways that they know put their customers off? Is it simply because advertisers and executives went through indoctrination in the education system and are now pushing their ideology on the population, or is there some sort of financial incentive?

“The Public Are Getting Sick of Brands Pushing Woke Causes and It’s Putting Them Off, Survey Finds”


The most notable proponent of brand purpose has been Alan Jope, who became CEO of Unilever in 2019. He has said that brands with ‘purpose’ increase sales twice as fast as those without. Jope capped his first year as CEO with a profit warning that wiped more than £8bn off Unilever’s market cap.


Getting sick of it - that’s an understatement!
Like Rand Paul said - it’s an insult.
Yes, great marketing strategy - insult the people you’re trying to sell a product to! Its hard to fathom any sane motive for it.