The Loony Crook Pretending to be President

The Hur report made it perfectly clear that Joe Biden is a long-time criminal, now senile.

How can a deranged criminal be kept on as the president of the United States? He cannot be.

Surely he will be got out of the White House? And of course his moronic vice-president, the cackling woman, must resign at the same time.

We’ll be glad to have the Republican Speaker of the House as Acting President until Trump is elected.

Why isn’t this already happening?

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I would say, leave him in - nobody will vote for him!
But nobody voted for him last time either, they just rigged it six ways to Sunday. And they’ll do it again.

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It could be the Party’s way of shelving Joe and bringing in Newsome and Michelle. We’ll see.

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I very much doubt Michelle Obama would agree to run, either for the presidency or the V.P. role. She’s never been elected to anything. She is, I suspect, sufficiently smarter than Kamala to know that she couldn’t manage the country or even seem to, which is what she’d be doing - acting as another Barack puppet. And apparently she has often said she doesn’t want to.

But Newsom is a probability. A horrible, terrifying probability.

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Yes, among so many things right now that are a “horrible, terrifying probability”, thanks to the criminals that have usurped our government.

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Both are ghastly.