The Lights Are Going Out All Over The World

Freedom of speech is being extinguished in the nations that were formerly referred to as the “free world”. The richest individuals and corporations are conspiring together to force the whole world to accept injections that they don’t need, and which have certainly harmed and even killed some people.

Every day there is a relentless deluge of bad news, and we can fully expect more will come tomorrow. C11 has just been passed in Canada, and the UK looks set to introduce a new Orwellian law called the “Online Safety Bill” that is clearly intended in part to silence dissent against the fraudulent medical agenda, but the scope of which will no doubt expand into other areas over time. I say “looks set” because there is no significant opposition from within the Houses of Parliament to the bill, there is a cross-party consensus. This bill is being introduced disguised primarily as legislation to protect children.

Meanwhile in reality children are being de-humanized by that same government, forced to wear masks, encouraged to accept those injections that they need even less than the adults do, in spite of the known risks from those injections. Children are also being encouraged to socially distance, not to hug or even shake hands:

Children are being brainwashed into thinking that changing gender is not only possible, but normal, and their parents’ consent in this life altering decision is increasingly not required, even for children as young as 4:

Ever more pervasive (largely corporate) surveillance is intruding ever further into every nook and cranny of our lives, corporations now know more about us than we know ourselves. Our energy usage is to be monitored in every detail by so-called “smart meters”. These devices will enable corporations (and governments) to know every last thing about what we are doing at any particular time of day and even be able to control the amount of energy we use at particular times as well.

Taken altogether we have I think to conclude that what is taking place is a war against the human race, albeit a war perpetrated by creatures who at least resemble human beings themselves, with the objective of replacing democracy with totalitarianism. We continue to speak out about this war on humanity but there should be no doubting that it will become increasingly dangerous to do so. In our times there is a trajectory towards ever greater authoritarianism, and eventually there will be no inch of this earth where we are safe from weaponized hovering drones and spy satellites with ever improving camera resolution. By all means hang on to your guns, you may well need them to defend yourself against rampaging mobs, but a drone hovering overhead can see you while you cannot see it, guns will be a poor defence against such technology. The only viable weapons we have against this onslaught of technology are our own humanity, and our courage, and our numbers, and the truth, but these are powerful weapons.

Although we are physically weak and defenceless against those drones and police robots that will no doubt emerge before long, we do have one strength that might just turn the tide eventually, and that strength is in the fact that our overlords are also human beings, and somewhere buried in their minds there is something resembling a conscience. Many who share our views are demoralized and see no hope, but look closely at the faces of those in power and you see that they too are also demoralized. Watch Bill Gates’s facial expressions closely in this short clip from a BBC interview for example, and you will see a man who is struggling internally:

Notice in particular the way he constantly waves his left hand in front of his face to distract the interviewer’s gaze, this is the behaviour of someone who has something to hide.

The shadowy servants of these tyrannical overlords, such as members of the 77th brigade who skulk behind computer screens as they monitor forums such as this one, are also human beings. They know they are involved in crimes against humanity, and their conscience plagues them as well. They know the outcome of the Nuremberg trials, when it was decided that “just following orders” is no defence. One day one of these mentally tortured individuals is going to find the courage to blow the whistle on the activities his government is asking him to perform. If the powers that be are really so weak that they feel threatened by the likes of us merely expressing opinions here, then they must be truly rattled. Probably this apparent war on humanity is in fact more akin to a desperate attempt to cover up the many crimes that they have been involved in going back to their youths, those crimes are beginning to be exposed by the powerful light of scrutiny that is enabled by the coming of age of the internet, and they are in fact in a state of panic.

In short, we must continue to speak truth to power as the lights continue to be snuffed out, the tide will turn in our favour eventually. We should view the elites not as an unstoppable force but rather as what they are - a group of aging and particularly mentally and morally weak individuals who for all their wealth are as human as you and I.


It is happening as you say. On that we can agree.

But you have a rosier view of human nature than I have.


There have been a few periods when people have been free and prosperous and could depend on the protection of law. It has happened here and there, now and then, sometimes for a few hundred years. But most of mankind has lived for thousands upon thousands of years in the darkness of oppression and injustice. Most people in most parts of the earth still do. Many nations have never had a break in the darkness. Our period of light, of freedom and prosperity and expectation of justice has lasted less than 300 years. Oppression, struggle, injustice are the historical norm. That is why a free American republic is so precious, why we should fight to keep it, why its loss through evil-minded treachery is so tragic. To expect a new fair age to dawn that would last forever, and to depend on human nature, purified, to bring it about and maintain it, is exactly what is meant by utopianism. (Or “immantizing the eschaton” - while the non-immanentized eschaton, ie. an Apocalypse and “Day of Judgment”, is the vision of some religions and is equally the stuff of day-dreams).


Until the new robotized human species takes over the management of the planet …

The ideal human has been “transgendered”, preferably in childhood. That is to say, biological males are castrated and females sterilized. If unwoke heterosexuals – correctly called “cisgendered bigots” – make fetuses, the birthing persons must undergo abortion.

Yet there will be an important exception. Cisgendered white people will actually be encouraged to breed, because, in order to achieve social and historical justice, white people must ideally be owned by black people, and they’ll be more valuable if they bear children to serve their masters.

These white children, properly groomed in community centers called “public schools”, can be rented out to pedophiles.


Interesting comment of Gates - “…the vaccines save lives, they don’t, uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh…cause deaths…” - took a minute for him to override his conscience, there!
And you’re exactly right - “what is taking place is a war against the human race…with the objective of replacing democracy with totalitarianism.”


Well spotted, it’s a shame the interviewer didn’t challenge him on that blatant lie but of course she isn’t a real journalist.