The Left's Passionate Desire for a Palestinian Vanquishment of Israel

Of course! We should have guessed.

Who funded the anti-Jewish, anti-Israel mob that stormed the Capitol in support of the Hamas savages?

The usual funder of pain-and-death mobs – George Soros:

[Soros] is financing (to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars) anti-Israel activism aimed at delegitimizing the Jewish state—and with it, the expungement of its people.

Wednesday’s storming of a congressional building situated on the U.S. Capitol complex, where a mob of allegedly violent Hamas sympathizers infiltrated the Cannon House Office Building rotunda, resulting in multiple arrests for assaulting police officers, was organized by two Soros-backed, nominally “Jewish” non-profits: the radical Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and far-left agitator IfNotNow.

The Jewish-in-name-only JVP is not Jewish, nor is it peace-seeking; JVP is as opportunistically “Jew-ish” as George Santos and as peaceful as the fiery Black Lives Matter protests.

“Deploying its ‘Jewish’ identity in attacking Israel is JVP’s purpose. The cutting edge of this work is to deflect accusations of anti-Semitism,” Commentary contributor Joshua Muravchik explains.“It’s a collection of radical-left ideologues who realize that their lineage affords special leverage in attacking Israel.”

"[It runs] an impassioned campaign for Palestinian vanquishment of Israel."

At its 2017 national conference, JVP honored Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist Rasmea Odeh, who was convicted for the bombing of an Israeli supermarket that killed two Hebrew University students.

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Just evil, like Soros himself.
Although it’s ridiculous, its not surprising that these leftists, in their usual tactic of projection, smear Israelis as Nazis, while they themselves are carrying on the tradition of hatred and genocide against Jews started by the Nazis and their Muslim collaborators.


Victor Davis Hanson writes:
Much of the acclaim for Hamas is not just found in its ferocious barbarity, but also fueled by a feeling that the killers are “winning” the propaganda war. Thus their cowardly but useful idiots of the West increasingly ally with the “oppressed” oppressor that can both butcher and claim victimhood simultaneously—and not only get away with it, but win global support for it. And this is all the more reason why Israel must crush and thereby humiliate Hamas—as a lesson to its numerous enemies that the price for butchering innocents will always be too steep for even mass murderers to pay.

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Yes, the “cowardly but useful idiots of the West” are as brainwashed as the terrorists themselves.
So interesting that it’s these idiots demonstrating against the “Nazi”, “genocidal” Jews who threaten Jews, become violent, destroy property, etc.
Yet I haven’t heard of one instance of that with any Jews demonstrating on behalf of Israel.
Just like BLM jumps into violent action immediately upon hearing of any black person killed by a cop (ignoring any details that would justify the cop), the pro-Hamas idiots do the same - completely ignoring the slight (!) detail of the genocide perpetrated by their hero “martyrs” of Hamas.

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