The Islamization of Europe: One Culture Replaces Another

In a visit that has angered globalists [good!- ed], former French presidential candidate Éric Zemmour and the leader of the Reconquête party recently embarked on a high-profile trip to London.

In the video, Zemmour articulated his perspective on cultural integration, saying, “It completely destroys [Jean-Luc] Mélenchon’s theory. There is no creolization; there is no miscegenation. There is just one culture that replaces another, that’s all.” He boldly asserted that in Islam, mosques are not just places of worship but instruments of territorial conquest. “Wherever there is a mosque, that’s Islamic land,” he proclaimed.

Éric Zemmour’s visit to London has galvanized his supporters and intensified the ongoing debate on immigration, cultural integration, and the Islamization of Europe. To his admirers, Zemmour is a beloved leader who unapologetically defends Western civilization from genuine threats. Critics, like London’s controversial Muslim mayor, who refused to meet with Zemmour, argue that his rhetoric is divisive and risks undermining social cohesion. [!]

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Ha! WHAT social cohesion? There is none, and Khan knows it. There is just the subjugation of the natives and the destruction of civilization, to be replaced with barbarism.

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