The Hunt for Conservative "Domestic Terrorists"

Quote: The FBI is getting pressured to come up with domestic terror cases and find white supremacists in order to meet internal quotas.
“The demand for White supremacy coming from FBI headquarters vastly outstrips the supply of White supremacy,” said one agent, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “We have more people assigned to investigate White supremacists than we can actually find.”

The hunt for (virtually non-existent) conservative “domestic terrorists” is on because the Democrats in power want to make a case that all who oppose them are “radical”, “white supremacists”, and “insurrectionists”, so that when they arrest Donald Trump and there’s a (highly possible) reaction of fury and mass protest among his tens of thousands of ardent followers, they will be able to say, “See, we told you so. This is their second insurrection. They want to brIng down the government and destroy our democracy.” (Their “democracy” being the sort that is found in eg. “The Democratic Republic of the Congo”.)


More signs that the “Biden” Administration is trying to organize subversion and insurrection.


Yes, which further confirms that our current government is the real “threat to our democracy”.
They are the real insurrectionists, who, now that they have illegitimately seized power, are using it to crush all opposition in the same way every communist/fascist dictatorship always has - by demonizing us as terrorists while they illegally and unconstitutionally raid, arrest, and throw us in prison.