The Endless Crucifixion of the Jew

Old-style Holocaust denial has become a distinctly fringe belief. It’s been replaced by something equally problematic: the transformation of the Holocaust into a historic brand, a generalised feeling rather than a specific event. This has come at the price of a hollowing-out of the Holocaust’s unique significance. Where once racists accused the Jews of inventing the Holocaust, now the demand is that the Jews share the Holocaust. Yes, the Jews can have remembrance of their genocide, but first they must agree to share it with other victim groups.

We’ve seen a stubborn insistence on the ‘sharing’ of the Holocaust time and again in recent years. Who can forget when the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) boycotted Holocaust Memorial Day on the basis that it was ‘too narrowly focussed on Jewish suffering’? It needs to be more inclusive of ‘recent genocides such as that in Rwanda and of Muslims in Srebrenica’, the MCB insisted. In short, share your victim status, Jews. Give us a taste. Pool your historic suffering.

Today, humanity’s memory of the Holocaust is assaulted less by the noisy denialism of racist scum than by the jealous claims of victim groups who want some of that glow of victimhood that they think the Jews have been keeping to themselves. How else to explain the MCB’s tantrum over society’s ‘narrow focus’ on Jewish pain? So the Holocaust is not denied, at least not by respectable people, but it is shared, which is to say diluted. Every time a modern event is inserted into the moral universe of the Holocaust, the Holocaust itself is diminished, dismantled, rendered ordinary rather than extraordinary. We go from Holocaust denial to everyone having their own preferred Holocaust.

The motor of today’s dismantling of the specificity of the Holocaust – which is to say, the truth of the Holocaust – is not fascism or racism. It’s victim politics. Ours is an era that validates victimhood above all else. Which grants moral authority to those who ‘suffer’. Where you can accrue both social standing and state resources through advertising your wounds, through bigging up your experiences of hate speech, oppression, etc. And so it just won’t do for the Jews to have a singular claim to the greatest, vilest act of victimisation in human history. No, they’ll have to share it. They’ll have to let us all on to that hallowed territory of a thing called ‘Holocaust’.

Welcome to the era of Holocaust envy. The fashionable thing to do in the 2020s is not to deny the Shoah but to covet it – covet its pain, covet its historical enormity. From the trans lobby to Muslim activist groups, they all want some Holocaust.

This Holocaust Memorial Day, it’s clear that vast numbers of people have no understanding of what the Holocaust was. Gaza is another Holocaust, they say, unforgivably unaware that more people were killed in a week in Hitler’s camps than have died in four months of this war that was started by the fascists of Hamas. The alleged death toll in the Israel-Hamas War is 25,000. That many Jews were gassed in Auschwitz every single week for four years. It wasn’t war – it was the industrialized slaughter of a people on the basis of their race. Nothing like it had happened before, and nothing like it has happened since.

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The interim ruling of the UN International Court of Justice on Friday, coming a day before International Holocaust Remembrance Day, shames the memory of those who fought against genocide and of the 6 million Jews on whose ashes the Genocide Convention was built.

The ruling entertains the notion that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. That assertion is not only absurd, but malicious — and purposely so.

The Convention defines genocide as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group".

Any moral person knows this is not what is happening in Gaza.

Lest we forget: Israel didn’t ask for this war, nor did Israel start it.

Hamas did, when thousands of its terrorists crossed into Israel and slaughtered, raped, tortured and kidnapped anyone they could get their hands on, regardless of age or sex.

The ICJ’s ruling strips the Jewish people in their ancestral homeland, many of whom are descendants of Holocaust victims and survivors, from their right to prevent another genocide against them.

Indeed, it sets a precedent that will deny the right of defense of all democracies fighting terrorists who embed themselves among civilian populations.

It’s effectively a green light for terrorist organizations around the world.

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The first article is right that things have shifted from Holocaust denial to a desire to appropriate and co-opt the victimhood. But they left out the third phase (which the second article addresses) - the shift from merely stealing the victimhood to turning it completely around and projecting the crime of genocide onto the original victims themselves, the Jews. Typical leftist projection!
And how interesting that it “sets a precedent that will deny the right of defence of all democracies fighting terrorists who embed themselves among civilian populations” - just in time for the terrorist attacks that are sure to come here, now that so many terrorists have crossed the border and embedded themselves here…

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I quote the concluding paragraph of my own essay The Envy of Suffering:

Holocaust comparisons can only be exaggerations, and are often so far from the truth as to be preposterous. Those which conclude that some violent or unjust event was “worse than the Holocaust” are not generally believed. If they were, it would not be long before the Holocaust became, in the public mind, a quite common type of episode, and comparisons with it would have no point and would no longer be made. This has not happened. For our time and perhaps for all time, the Holocaust remains the measure of evil and man-inflicted suffering. It sets the limit to them, as does the speed of light to speed.

Find the essay here on our website:

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The atrocities committed by the Gazans on Israeli civilians, including children and babies, on October 7 2023 were so savage, so extreme, that every one of those who committed them need to be put to death.

Instead their victims are accused and declared guilty of “genocide” by an “international court of law”.

What happened to the rule of law, moral principles, human feeling, the pursuit of justice?

Why is civilization being abandoned?

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Yes, the evil of such an attitude is unfathomable.
I can understand the origins of the idea - it originates as propaganda used as psychological warfare on us by our enemies.
But it is incomprehensible how members of the civilized world, who supposedly share a respect for justice and the rule of law, can have been brainwashed or corrupted to such a degree that they go along with such a grotesque absurdity.

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