The descent into woke fascism accelerates


Reading this article, I considered the Hippocratic Oath, but not being sure about its contents, did a search, scanned a few and thought to post this one:

I find the most troubling point here to be the naming of the honored physician as “provider” by the business world of healthcare. There are still physicians that refuse to become mere healthcare providers, but at a cost. Mine thinks it is worth it and her patients love her.

California is a dysfunctional state. Which begs the question; why did 17 other states, including mine, choose to follow their direction? I am sorry for those who live there in opposition to the PTB, but California (and New York) needs to fail so badly that the state ceases to exist. Maybe the Libs will finally get the message that their policies don’t work.


Get the message that their policies don’t work?
Ha! Hopefully the people who vote for them will, but the ones making the policies like how they “work” just fine - they work great to destroy the country!
And that’s always been the goal - like the sociopathic children they are, the only way they see fit to get their way is to destroy everything, so that it will magically transform itself into Utopia.


Yes! It is an astonishing tribute to the power of Trump’s vision and ability that the forces ranged against him would go to the lengths of putting the whole world into a panic, mask the faces of billions, close schools and businesses everywhere, keep people isolated and locked up, all to save themselves from the destruction they deserve.