The Decline and Fall of the Human Race?

Are we witnessing not just the decline of our civilization but the degeneration of our species?

In First World countries, increasing illiteracy, the permitting and encouragement of crime, incivility and contempt for moral standards, casual sexual intercourse, the celebration of perversion, shameless public nudity and disgusting displays of “twerking”, the moral corruption and sexual exploitation of small children, the persecution of individuals by tyrannical governments in defiance of law, the blatant lying and hypocrisy of public servants, the abuse of power by government departments and agencies, the abandonment of fossil-fueled heating and cooling and transport, the laying waste of our inheritance of literature art buildings monuments manufactures technologies, the corruption and discouragement of medical science, the anathematizing of mathematical accuracy, the spilling over of destructive Third World populations with primitive cultures into the lands of advanced but shrinking nations – all seem to indicate irreversible doom.

What now can save humankind from reversion to savagery?

And then a fall from savagery to extinction?

Cheerful, sentimental, angry, virtue-signaling rebukes for my pessimism will be accepted.

Reasoned arguments against my fearful prediction would be a nice surprise.


The destruction we have witnessed in the last decades, which is now accelerating, is staggering.
And all of it has been caused, either directly or indirectly, by the imposition of Marxist propaganda and policies.
We have seen it destroy every society that has been overtaken by it, and yet we just keep heading down the same path to our doom.
The U.S. is rapidly declining into a Depression, and will be on the level of a Third World country before long, thanks to the deliberately destructive policies of our leftist tyrants.
If we don’t stop them now, they will destroy us.
After that, civilization and species will follow.


That is a very strong and reasoned endorsement of the prediction I submitted.

I greatly value your opinion, Liz.

Yes, that is what will happen “if we don’t stop them now”.

There you offer a ray of hope.


Well, I will write this; there are many more of us than there are of them. No, our species will not devolve into beast-hood. The human brain will not wither away. Human civilization will alter. We may become tribal again in a situation wherein all governments are dissolved. Bad times for sure, horrible times, the worst of human behavior…but also the best of human behavior for those that do not forget. The strength of familial ties, of tribal ties, of ethical ties and traditional ties will be in the human brain…always seeking these ties of societal norms and safety.

Do not sell humanity short. It will continue and most likely recover civilization once more. Maybe we will forget again, and destroy it all again in the distant future of our species. Humanity has, after all, been down this road before on a smaller scale, and while we had never gotten this far (Constitution, standard of living, etc.) civilization and empires and economic success have arisen again after chaos.

Even MAD doesn’t wipe out every human, nor an EMP mutual strike. Still, don’t put anything past human beings and the evil that plagues them. So…I will accept the possibility, but not the probability. You know…that hope thing I have.


True, we do have a much higher standard to fall from. But our enemies also have more advanced ways to destroy and control.
I hope you’re right (never give up hope!) but we’ll see. We’re at the tipping point.


Well said, Jeanne. Maybe there are still many who “do not forget”. Maybe.

However, there’s one point you make that I must quibble over. It is whether numbers are a deciding factor. History tells us it is not numbers that count, but who has the power. There were many more Russians than members of Stalin’s Politbureau, but he and his had the power. Same with Mao, Mussolini, Robespierre … True, the numbers they ruthlessly ruled over were not armed. So there is a difference when it comes to contemporary America. That, we know, is why the Democrat tyrants want to confiscate our guns and abolish the First Amendment. But are we sure that we with our guns really would best them with their guns plus the support of their military with its guns?


Yes, yes, Liz, we are at THE tipping point in human civilization and governments. If America falls, I strongly believe the world will fall. Ah, well…western civilization at any rate. But, still…who will feed those without food, heal those without doctors, come to the rescue of nations hit by natural disasters, save fledgling democracies from tyrants (not that we do so well there, actually), and shine that guiding light of Liberty’s caged electricity to empower the hearts, minds, and machines that liberty requires?

If America falls. Is there a global army led by the elite oligarchs that will help the world’s starving and sick and disaster strewn? Will they personally govern like angels over people they consider less worthy than the planet’s other animals? Or will they allow death, disease and war to eliminate those unworthy of living on Their Earth?

I am afraid if America doesn’t do it, then all the world’s elites will hide in their safe places, protected by their heavily armed armies of slaves and let the world of lesser humans pass into history.

I think I have seen this science fiction somewhere…but I wasn’t writing from its memory, only my thinking on what could happen.

Remember, we are not alone and there are more of us than of them.

And, Jillian, that was what Beck found on his “vacation” in Europe. All the normal people there think as we do, and hope America will hold. The only they don’t know about is news in Europe…Ukraine and America they get reports on, but the “revolutions” in Europe, nothing. They don’t know that they are not alone. They believe the elites are doing this to them, but not that people are fighting back.

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Remember Afghanistan…over and over again. What did they have? What countries failed to conquer them?

Yes, if the government of America can persuade the military forces of America to slaughter Americans en masse, then we might be toast. Until you think of all the little enclaves in all the big spaces of the country. How much light is needed to not forget? A couple of matches?

Unfortunately, before a mass slaughter could continue far, this country would be in a civil war. Or maybe fortunately… yes, fortunately, I think.

Would the government and military decide that was a good answer to the problem of …what exactly?

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“Will they allow death, disease and war to eliminate those unworthy of living on Their Earth?” - apparently, it’s not what they are “allowing”, it’s what they intend, and they are already doing everything in their power to bring it about.
They’re poisoning us with who-knows-what chemicals, drugs, viruses and “vaccines”; “Green New Deal” industry, energy and agriculture policies that are destroying the worlds economies, invasions of our borders, etc, etc, etc…
They are already waging war on us.
We are what stands between them and total power, and they are eliminating that obstacle.

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