The Coming Subjugation of the White Race

Make no mistake about it, anti-white racism is popular. It informs education curricula throughout the country [the US]. Whites are the butt of every joke, from advertisements to late-night comedy. Politicians love to rail against rich white people. Celebrities can go on hate-filled rants against whites with social media’s approval and fear no consequences. Libraries are now filled with anti-white titles.
Anti-white racism combined with wealth redistribution undergirds support for reparations. Reparations supporters want to use the state to redistribute white wealth to blacks. A majority of Democrats now support this idea. Radicals are doing much better in Democratic primaries than ever before. “The squad” adds more members with every election cycle. Democrats will probably campaign on reparations in 2024.
The redistribution scheme would not be limited to billionaires. The entire white middle class (and much of the white working class) would pay more taxes, surrender their basic liberties, experience more crime, face anti-white racism, and possibly lose their property. We’d be poorer and more oppressed than before. [The redistribution scheme] would reject everything great about the old America and turn our nation into a giant favela [slum]. Mass immigration and the popularization of anti-whiteness make that future more likely.


It is necessary to note that the white race is a small minority - and shrinking. Whether you like the fact or not, it is a fact.

“[Of the peoples of the world] only 16 percent are white. That’s about 1.19 billion people out of a total world population of 7.4 billion. And it’s predicted that by 2060 only 10 percent of the world will be white. [At present] there are 3.33 billion Asians, who constitute 45 percent of the world population, and 1.26 billion Indians, who constitute 17 percent. That’s 4.59 billion Asians and Indians combined, making up 62 percent of the world population — almost two-thirds.”


Victor Davis Hanson writes:
Pause to reflect that America is the only successful multiracial constitutional republic in history.
To survive in an increasingly dysfunctional and hostile world abroad, the unique idea of the United States requires concord.
But national cohesion is only possible through citizens subordinating their tribal interests to a common culture. Only then do they cease being automatons of warring tribes and collectives.

For once I disagree with him - on one point.
America is not a successful multiracial constitutional republic as he declares it to be. Not any more. It was, but is so no longer.
Race hatred has been stoked up by the Left and is now the dominant political preoccupation.


I know it’s as useless as saying, “if there were no evil, everything would be good”, but its true - If there were no leftists, the world would be a better place.
Of course evil people will always try to control everything, and poor people will believe leftist lies to get free stuff, but what’s disappointing is how many well off, educated, mostly white people fall for the lies and become useful idiots.


There is a bright spot…In America the Leftist Socialist white people are the ones who opt to have one child or none.

The Conservative white people in America tend to have more than two children and sometimes many more.

Then consider the mixed-race people, of whom many consider themselves white and not black…and even black skinned people, who do not consider themselves to be black “African-Americans.”

I figure eventually humans will be cafe-au-lait or something similar, but will still designate themselves as Western thinking or Communist thinking. There is where the difference that counts will be. Culture will be more important, too, rather than skin color. Is one an American, in the historical sense of the word, or is one an anti-American?

There are many places in America where our “successful multiracial constitutional republic” exists as normal America…even to be found in the inner cities. It is in the end, Americans against anti-Americans. Unfortunately, the anti-Americans are much more squeaky and active.

Don’t fret for white skinned humans, fret for Americans


Yes but -

“This conservative fertility advantage probably will not give conservatives some inevitable long-term political edge. Fertility rates are falling for conservatives just as much as liberals. Given the size of the fertility differential between conservatives and liberals, it doesn’t actually take a large amount of ideology switching to offset this higher birth rate. Thus, while conservatives may wish that their fertility advantage could afford a durable political majority, that hope is probably just as fleeting as the now-silly-sounding claims of progressives a decade ago that immigration would create a durable Democratic majority. That’s because, at least right now, conservative parents have not been sufficiently successful in keeping their kids in the fold.”


Yes, because the leftists in control of education are indoctrinating them from day one, now.
Unless we can un-rig the education system, just like the election system, we’ll keep losing the next generations like we lose elections.


The Ohio State University is currently seeking a professor of “Philosophy of Race”, an area of expertise that includes “the epistemological significance of race or racism” and “race in the philosophy of science”. [!!!] Its Department of Physics seeks a professor whose main focus is “issues relevant to educational equity”. And its Department of Anthropology recently sought an archaeologist whose work emphasizes “decolonization, feminist theory, queer theory, critical race theory, and/or Indigenous ontologies.”
These roles reflect a trend across the country, whereby faculty job listings increasingly demand a specialization in such topics as social justice, critical race theory, and intersectionality. To add to the university’s 132 diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) officers, a striking number of the new faculty job listings at Ohio State read like calls to progressive activism.
Many of Ohio State’s humanities jobs now focus exclusively on race. The history department currently lists just two positions: “Contemporary African American History” and “African American History to 1820.” The Department of Comparative Studies lists three: “Indigenous Knowledge”, “Race, Science, and Technology”, and “Race and Health Equity”.
The university’s indigenous studies cluster hire includes a role in “Indigenous Feminisms”, calling for a professor who will study “gendered and sexualized disparities alongside the dispossessions of settler colonialism” and “the potentials of women- and two-spirit or queer-led innovations in preserving embattled minority and colonized food/health/body/eco cultures”.


Its all going to hell in a handbasket.


Well, that is interesting… I had no idea it was actually a thing.

To your next post, Jillian, when you quote the following:

The university’s indigenous studies cluster hire includes a role in “Indigenous Feminisms”, calling for a professor who will study “gendered and sexualized disparities alongside the dispossessions of settler colonialism” and “the potentials of women- and two-spirit or queer-led innovations in preserving embattled minority and colonized food/health/body/eco cultures”.

What does that mean, or better yet, is it suppose to mean something to somebody? Maybe it is explained in the article, which I haven’t read… But, it seems to me that semi-intelligent people should be able to decipher a meaning from that paragraph, shouldn’t we? I mean without having somebody explain it to us?

I went to college… I also can homegrown foods? :upside_down_face:


The commentator Torre at Rutland believes that global trends will lead to an “inevitable” and desirable homogenization of races and cultures, so that what is now known as white (i.e., of European ancestry) race and ethnicity will disappear in the shuffle. I think other things would happen long before that, and might tend to stop or reverse globalizing trends. All peoples have some innate tendency to ethnocentrism and/or racism. East Asians are particularly prone to that. Europeans by contrast have demonstrated a fascination with oriental cultures and often an openness to them. And let’s not forget that the modern world was made mostly by men of European ancestry. To believe that gender and ethnicity or race had nothing to do with that is wishful thinking. People of European heritage could stand to show more ethnic pride without demonstrating racism or white supremacy.