The Biggest Ever Ponzi Scheme

FTX, the once high-flying but now belly-up crypto exchange founded in 2019 by Sam Bankman-Fried, was nothing but a magic-bean Ponzi scheme. It seized on the lockdowns for political, media, and academic cover. Its economic rationale was as nonexistent as its books. It was the worst example of a phony perpetual-motion machine: a token to back a company that itself was backed by the token, which in turn was backed by nothing but political fashion and woke ideology that roped in Larry David, Tom Brady, Katy Perry, Tony Blair, and Bill Clinton to provide a cloak of legitimacy. It had a close relationship with the World Economic Forum and looks for all the world like the money-laundering operation of the Democratic National Committee and the entire lockdown lobby. The rest of us are left with the bill for this obvious scam that implausibly links crypto and Covid. The money was based on nothing but puffed air. The damage on the world is all too real: a lost generation of kids, declined lifespans, millions missing from the workforce, a calamitous fall in public health, millions of kids in poverty due to supply-chain breakages, 19 straight months of falling real incomes, historically high increases in debt, and a dramatic fall in morale the world over.”


Yes, and in spite of this utter disaster they created, they’re going ahead with plans for a digital currency and digital “health passports”.
And Klaus Shwab is still pontificating about the merger of big business and government - the very definition of Fascism - as the way of the future.

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