Terrorism Works - Britain Belongs to Islam Now

The actions of our elected representatives, the police, the judiciary, and our faith leaders all suggest much the same thing: Islam is now in the ascendancy, and homage if not naked appeasement is the only viable response.

Consider the raft of measures recently announced to placate Britain’s restive Muslim population: the £1million Muslim War Memorial plans which took extraordinary precedence in Hunt’s budget; the £117million set aside to protect Muslims from the rise of attacks following the Israel-Hamas war (for the record, antisemitism is up 1,353% compared to the dubious claims of a 140% rise in ‘Islamophobia’); not forgetting of course the drive to ban ‘Islamophobia’ outright, which Starmer will almost certainly push through.

Westminster certainly proved it had no stomach for the fight last month, as MPs began to resign in the face of death threats, and House of Commons’ speaker Lindsay Hoyle caved instantly to Muslim intimidation. The nation’s spiritual leader, meanwhile, the Archbishop of Canterbury, came up with the most Christian message in his arsenal: a Ramadan homily with all the sincerity of a hostage video.

On the ground, the police have decided it’s easier to arrest those objecting to genocide rather than the mob demanding it. Our judiciary busies itself exonerating child rapists with community orders, and jailing the ‘far-right’ for selling stickers about them. And the state broadcaster [the BBC] is now so blatantly partisan, it lionises the rapists as victimised asylum-seekers, with the despicable justification: ‘in many ways less sexually experienced than the girls they were supposed to have attacked’. [Reminder: the Hamas attackers cut off the breast of the Israeli girls; hammered nails into their thighs and genitals; broke their legs; beheaded children with garden tools; shut babies in ovens and turned up the heat; bound families together and set them on fire …]

Keir Starmer’s Labour government-in-waiting meanwhile is chomping at the bit to reintroduce the blasphemy law in all but name, with the likely criminalisation of ‘Islamophobia’—the insane definition of which is ‘a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness’.

The unifying thread here is the silencing of those ‘noticing’ the Islamic extremism on the streets of Britain, rather than those committing it, and it’s hardly a surprise. The nation’s terror threat is at the highest level since 9/11, and the government has been warned that extremists are using the war in Gaza as a recruitment advert. The government’s robust response? Foreign Office staff are being trained not to refer to Hamas as ‘terrorists’ as the term is ‘unhelpful’.

Whatever they say, it’s clear by their actions the authorities have already surrendered to Islamic extremism. And by their every move, we can infer they’d prefer the populace did too—if they know what’s good for them, that is.

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Civilization is being marched off the plank.
If we comply, we drown. If we turn around and resist, we’re faced with the tyrants ruling the ship and the mob of barbarians they’ve brought in to enforce their tyranny.


Excellent analogy, Liz.

Btw, I should have written in my Reminder that the “girls” whom the Hamas savages raped, mutilated, tortured and murdered were children, adolescents, young adults, mothers and grandmothers. Boys and men were also raped, tortured and murdered.

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Yes, complete, utter, depraved savagery.

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Those that keep harping that morality is not possible without religion, should look to Islam.


A VERY good point, Cogito!

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Islamic Britain celebrates Ramadan:

Omar Salha, the founder of the Ramadan Tent Project, posted on X after the event, “An unforgettable experience touring the majestic grounds of Windsor followed by #iftar showcasing heritage, tradition & unity.”
Per the BBC, The Ramadan Tent project’s “Open Iftar events are taking place across the UK throughout the month, with meals at Windsor Castle and the British Library before the festival culminates with a final community meal held at London’s Trafalgar Square on 8 April.” As Salha said in a statement at the start of Ramadan, “We are delighted to mark this blessed month and present our Ramadan Festival and series of landmark Open Iftar events highlighting the remarkable contributions and legacy the Muslim world has made to British culture and way of life across the centuries, underpinning the interconnectedness of our societies and communities.”
Other venues for Open Iftar events this year include Premier League football stadiums, the Tate Modern, and King’s Cross station.

What contributions and legacy has the Muslim world made to British culture and way of life across the centuries? What interconnectedness of Muslim and British societies and communities is Mr. Salha talking about?"


“Hosts Ramadan event for the first time in history.”
Yes, it will soon be known in history as an event marking “the beginning of the end” for Britain.
And what a ridiculous, insulting pretense that Islam has made “great contributions” to the British culture and way of life! A long list of bombings, rapes and murders. So culturally enriching!


The United Kingdom’s decision to fly the Pakistani flag above its most esteemed Anglican church, Westminster Abbey, is a shocking display of submission to Islam.

It was deeply offensive to many. Pakistan is one of the world’s most oppressive nations towards its religious minorities, particularly Hindus and Christians. It raises profound questions about the UK’s priorities and values. Especially offensive is that this flag of an oppressive Islamic nation was raised during Christians’ holy week, often marred with threats and violence in Pakistan.

Furthermore, this gesture is a slap in the face to millions of girls who have been victims of severe abuse at the hands of Pakistani men.


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What better way to proclaim, in Christian humility, “love your enemies, and do good to those who despitefully use you”? (to paraphrase the KJV)
It’s only because previous generations quite rationally rejected that premise that civilization survived the earlier onslaught of Islam.
But now that rationality has become old fashioned, old absurdities are cool again.