"Tehran, Mon Amour"

Under Obama and then under Biden, many top officials at State were taking orders from the enemy. This, in itself, is nothing new. Back in the day, there were Stalinists in the State Department, among them Alger Hiss, whose innocence any number of Democrats went to their graves professing. It was Joe McCarthy, who tried to expose this treachery, who went down in history as the heavy. But at least Hiss and his ilk tried to cover their tracks. The presence of Iranian operatives in the Obama and Biden administrations could almost have been described as an open secret.

Under Biden, as under Obama, Iran’s interests were America’s interests: the White House wanted to protect the mullahs and their nuke program. If Obama is pro-Iran, it’s because he hates America and Israel and loves Islam. If Biden is pro-Iran, it’s because he’s Obama’s puppet. And if so many people at State and even at the Pentagon are pro-Iran, it’s because they’re relatively recent graduates of elite universities where they learned to see America and Israel as evil oppressors and the mullahs as innocent victims.

In any case, why should we be surprised that Obama and Biden are partial to Iran? We already knew that the Biden family was paid off big time by both China and Ukraine. We already knew that the Clintons, who concocted the Russiagate hoax, were themselves, in fact, cozy with the Russians. Since the Democrats who run our government are already in thrall to our other major enemies, why not Iran, too?

Aside from which, well, let’s face it. Even in its best days, the State Department was largely a congregation of clowns – a bunch of Ivy League brats who looked down on the ordinary citizens of their own country while viewing even representatives of the most savage foreign regimes as charmingly exotic and essentially harmless. After all, even Hamas officials don’t decapitate you when you’re sitting across from them at a negotiating table. They may not partake of the cocktails at a cocktail reception, but they can seem eminently clubbable when they’re schmoozing you for giant pallets of cash.

Yes, the idiots at State know in detail what Hamas did to those kibbutz residents and Negev partygoers on October 7, but such events, in a sense, aren’t entirely real to them. Their world is the eminently civilized world of jet-set diplomacy. It’s a world in which you can very quickly come to believe that whereas the trucker in Arkansas or the farmer in Iowa is a hopelessly unsophisticated rube, the envoy from Tehran or Beijing is perfectly refined – a person who is very much like yourself, and with whom (you convince yourself) you could easily work out all the planet’s problems if only the pesky riffraff would keep out of it.

Bruce Bawer is a great columnist and I usually agree with him. But I’m not sure I agree with that last paragraph of his. Judging by what we know they do, I suspect a lot of people now in the State Department - and the Pentagon - consciously and feelingly want to destroy the constitutional republic of America as much as Obama does.

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I agree. Maybe some of them are just brainwashed idiots, but those really pulling the strings know exactly what they’re doing. They are traitors who are not only aiding and abetting our enemies, but deliberately undermining, sabotaging, and orchestrating the collapse of our country themselves. Will it be terror attacks, WW3, a bioweapon, the flood of illegal immigrants, or just our trillions of dollars of debt that’s the final straw?
Take your pick. And at the rate things are going, it isn’t far off.

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Looks as if they’re all likely to overwhelm us.

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