Surprising end of a criminal trial

A LAW student who was investigated by a Scottish university for saying women have vaginas and are not as strong as men has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

This happened three months ago, but I have only just heard about it. Was it, do you think, a miscarriage of justice?


Just the fact that there is obviously no free speech, common sense, or sanity left in Scotland is bad enough, even if the student was cleared.


My daughter’s best friend has a friend with a child that they are rearing gender-neutral. This child just turned three and apparently announced to its parents that it now wants to be thought of as a male child.

Where did the child get any idea that it is not merely a gender neutral entity was my first question? That it could be a boy or a girl and not just an it?

How do the parents explain its body parts? What do they name them?

Have these parents lost their frigging minds?

The posting was roundly ripped by my daughter’s friend and others that “follow” this parent on social media.

Parents are setting their children up for disaster! We here in the backwards rural sections of life call a penis a penis and a vagina a vagina, or sometimes a weiner and a vagoo. Had to fight with the spell-master to get those words in correct.

I noticed when I picked up my grandson from Pre-K that most of the girls were wearing dresses or skirts over leggings, and doggone if the boys weren’t wearing pants or shorts. Thank Gawd!

I know full well that were I growing up today, but in a more “enlightened” locale, there would have been suggestions that I might perhaps be a boy trapped inside a girl’s body. But, parents, such as these idiots, are priming their children to think this way!

Of course, yesterday our 2.5 year old told us she was an elephant and the day before she was slug, but most often is flying neigh-neigh with super power wings.

Fortunately, she is all girl who loves her tutus and at the same time is rough and tumble, so we are very proud of her…and her imagination. I insisted on wearing boys clothing and playing with boys whenever I could, getting filthy at “war” and “cowboys and Indians” and “Green Arrow and Sparky.” Thanks Mom and Dad for allowing me to be an original person.

Bless these poor innocents that are being twisted by woke parents.


Can’t that stupid mother be laughed out of her nonsense?

I like the questions you suggest. I too wonder what the answers can be from such a parent.

Is there a father in the picture? Absent, or the same sort of ninny as the mother, perhaps.

What the “woke” are doing to children is a monstrous crime.


Yes, it is the parents (and teachers) who are deliberately confusing and harming their children - it’s child abuse.
What with this abuse, plus the CRT crap being taught, plus the drastic reduction (50%) in levels of testosterone in males, I shudder to think where society will be in 20 years.


Yes, there is a father and they are married and live in the same home as their innocent child.

Parents, such as these, believe they are doing to right thing. I have wonder what the grandparents think about it all. Still, somebody reared the parents…


We don’t get it in our schools like many places do. I think people would take offense in more ways than one.

Overtly Christian public schools have some silver linings.