Supporting Our Own

You can bring some light into an imprisoned J6 patriot’s life. Our religious friends are praying for them, and with that and five dollars you can buy a cup of coffee. But what they need is tangible acts of support.

A postcard costs 51 cents. Buy a dozen , write a short note on each, like “We’re thinking of you, and waiting for your return to the fight.”

Put one of the names which follow on each card, put them all in an envelope, and mail the envelope to:

–Patriot Mail Project
–PO Box 173
–King, NC 27021

They’ll send them on to the people whose names you’ve written on the card. (These are prisoners for whom the address of their place of imprisonment is held only by the Patriot Mail Project.)

If you’ve got the time to write more than 12, either PM me for more names, or go to

where you’ll find all the names, and addresses, of the imprisoned J6 patriots.

Regardless of what you think of what happened on Jan 6 – I think it was an enormous gift to the Left – we must support our own. For less than $10, you can light up someone’s life.

When you’re ‘inside’, mail is a huge morale-booster… I know this from personal experience.

Twelve imprisoned patriots:

Aaron James
Alan Fischer
Alex Kirk Harkrider
Andrew Griswold
Audrey Southard
Benjamen Burlew
Brian Beole
Bruno Cua
Chris Alberts
Chris Kuehne
Chuck & Mandy (Robinson) Hand
Connie Meggs


Thanks, Doug - this is a good idea. I know they need all the encouragement they can get.

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Thank you, Liz. If you go to the PatriotMailProject website, you see about 300 names of imprisoned patriots. I suspect that puts people off from even writing to one of them. For one thing, whom to choose? So I thought something simple, like sending a dozen postcards – which for about 80 names can be done by sending just one envelope to the Patriot Mail Project box number … might encourage people to actually do something. Of course, if someone wants to buy 80 postcards, and send them, that would be great. And then there are the 200 or some prisoners for which we have their prison addresses.

I would like to think of some way, such that a patriot could choose, say, 5 of these people, and send letters (or postcards) directly to them … some sort of algorithm that would spread prisoners’ names around more or less evenly (I hope this makes sense). Maybe something like, if your surname starts with ‘A’, write to these people … something like that.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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