Re Covid19 and variants: Natural immunity offers far superior protection

If you have a biological entity that is prone to mutation — and the SARS-CoV-2, like all coronaviruses is prone to mutation — and you apply a narrowly focused selective pressure that is nonlethal, and you do this over a long period of time, this is the recipe for driving the emergence of novel variants.
This is exactly what we’re doing. Our vaccines are focused on a single protein of the virus, so the virus only has to alter one protein, and the vaccines don’t come close to providing sterilizing immunity.
People who are vaccinated still get infected, it only seems particularly good at blunting the disease, and what that tells you therefore is that these vaccines in the vast majority of people are applying a nonlethal pressure, narrowly focused on one protein, and the vaccine rollout is occurring over a long period of time. That’s the recipe for driving variants.
When you acquire the infection naturally, your body develops antibodies against ALL of the viral proteins whereas the COVID shots only trigger antibodies against one, namely the spike protein.


So their “cure” is actually just making things worse. But, whether intended or not, I’m sure that suits them just fine! That means more vaccines, more lockdowns, more excuses for imposing control, and more profits for them.


The epidemiologists, virologists, immunologists all pretty much agree that mass vaccinations in the middle of a pandemic is one of the worst things you can do. What Fauci et al are doing with these vaccinations is a sort of “gain of function” project in its own right. The very last thing they want to do is allow people to be treated with safe, effective and widely available therapeutics like ivermectin and hcq+zinc.