Protecting the Guilty

A BBC editor helped at least 15 Somali criminals including a gang rapist fight deportation cases and remain in the United Kingdom. [She] was hired as an expert witness to help these Somalian criminals in their deportation cases.

The African Editor of BBC World Service, Mary Harper was paid to give expert evidence for Yaqub Ahmed, a Somali gang rapist. [She gave] evidence in a series of other controversial deportation appeals by Somali offenders as well. These include three other sex attackers, three drug dealers, and a career criminal who had spent a decade in British jails.

In one incident, Mary Harper warned [sic] that the criminal’s repeated history of committing crimes in the UK would lead to his ostracisation by his clan if he was deported back to Somalia. Notably, the criminal had faced 39 convictions for 80 crimes over 17 years.

In another case, Harper reportedly warned [sic] that a 29-year-old Somalian sexual offender would be at “severely heightened risk” if he was deported back to Somalia as he had committed a sex crime. The Somalian accused had sexually assaulted a deaf girl who was 17 years of age. His appeal against deportation was rejected by a judge who disagreed with the argument presented by Harper. [Yet] some 16 months later, the attacker remains in the UK and has been living in a council flat with his family.

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What a disgrace. The UK is a defeated weakling, a “dhimmi”, a doormat for barbarian scum.

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