Poisoning the Human Race

China started it, the poisoning of the human race. Are the vaccine inventors and government enforcers continuing it?

Is this an exaggeration? -

The mind boggles at the unprecedented absurdity, misinformation, lies, media censorship, propaganda, and outright evil, spread by Government, mainstream media and Industry complicity in the greatest Fraud and Deception in recorded history.
Let’s take a look at the mRNA “jabs”; as they are not vaccines, but rather genetic modifiers. The mRNA instructs your DNA to manufacture the synthetic Spike protein; the most pathological etiological (causative agent) of the COVID virus. Once your own cells are producing this Spike protein, likely trillions of them will be released into your bloodstream and tissues. Because the Spike protein has an affinity for ACE receptors on the surface of many cells in your body, they will attach to these cells; stimulating an immune/cytokine response that will create abnormal amounts of inflammation which can result in side effects such as blood clots, strokes (proven by elevated D Dimer tests and Roulette formations of the red cells), spontaneous abortions, Myocarditis, etc. The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System has already reported more adverse reactions to these experimental COVID “vaccines” than any other vaccines, by far.


Yes, it is mind boggling. And they’ve been doing it for a long time. I saw a video of a Dr. Robert Willner who wrote the book, “Deadly Deception”.
It’s extremely revealing about Fauci.
This was back in the 90’s, and the parallels between what Fauci and the CDC, etc, were doing at that time with the AIDS “pandemic” and the drug AZT are strikingly similar to what they’re doing now with the Covid “pandemic” and the vaccines.
Can’t link, but the video is at a website called Centipede Nation. (Also, I see that Dr. Willner’s book is listed in the footnotes)