A Pandemonium is a place where all the demons gather.

The demons, led by the most sinister Klaus Schwab, and their VIP guests - many of them demons themselves - are to gather in Dubai tomorrow.

From the snowy peaks of Davos to the desert sands of the United Arab Emirates, unelected globalist elites like nothing better than to meet and discuss their plans for a future world – designed, built and administered by them as part of the “4th industrial revolution”.
The latest example begins Monday when World Economic Forum (WEF) founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab joins the annual World Government Summit (WGS) 2023 in Dubai to deliver the keynote address.

Will their plot succeed? Will they govern the world?

Who or what will stop them?

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I don’t think its “plans for a future world” - they’re already (mostly) doing it. They’ve already done their “test run” for control with the lockdowns, and are succesfully achieving population control with the sterilizing “vaccines”.
They’re inducing poverty with the artificially created food and energy shortages, and immigration crisis, claiming that these are all due to “man made climate change” - so it’s all our fault!
About all they lack now to achieve total control is another staged “emergency” as an excuse to impose world-wide digital ID and surveillance.

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