Our Association with Atheists for Liberty

I have accepted an invitation from Thomas Sheedy, President and Founder of Atheists for Liberty, to join the organization’s Board of Advisors.

Please visit the website of Atheists for Liberty here:

To see the Who’s Who of the Board of Advisors go here:


Thomas Sheedy


Looks interesting. I’ll keep an eye on it.

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Wow, great! I’ll keep that website bookmarked.
Let us know what all transpires!


We --atheists on the Right – ought to have MUCH more contact with each other than we do.
I had never heard of Atheists for Liberty. And does everyone here know about these people:the, ‘Republican Atheiss’? Republican Atheists

I’ve posted links to this forum there, and also to Atheists for Liberty.

Now … I’ve got an idea for spreading the impact of this forum. It’s not a world-beater, but it might bring in a few more people to this forum, and get it more widely known among freethinkers and skeptics.

It would require several of us doing a bit of work over the internet. You’d be committing to spending maybe half an hour, two or three days a week, for a few weeks. I’m not sure, but you might have spend a modest amount of money.subscribing to one or two interesting anti-religious jouirnals.

If anyone is interested, I will elaborate.


We have been on the friendliest terms with Republican Atheists for years. We have re-posted their articles/news and/or provided links. And they have written about us. The relationship continues. Their founder and leader, Lauren Ell, does a very good job among the many Believers.


That’s a good group. I’m a member there. They also have an Atheists for Liberty Member Discussion FB group which requires a nominal membership fee of $12 / year, which is actually a membership in the Atheists for Liberty organization - not just the FB group.

Atheists for Liberty Member Discussion | Groups | Facebook


I’m interested in your plan, and the mechanics of it, etc.

I would also invite you and anyone else here who’d be interested to take a look at a group in which I’m a moderator and most active there, Conservative Atheists - meaning atheists who are also politically conservative - as opposed to “conservatively atheist”. (Jillian and I have discussed this distinction. :relaxed:)

Conservative Atheists (private group) | Facebook


Sorry for the late reply.

Conservative Atheists have two important roles we can play in the political war (and ‘war’ is how we should think of it) between us and the new ‘woke’ “Left”. (The double quotes around “Left” are because they have almost nothing in common with the Left of the first three quarters of the 20th Century. For one thing, the ‘woke’ Left despises its own working class.)

The first role is defensive: we need to educate our fellow conservatives who are Christians about what a bad idea, for several reasons, “Christian Nationalism” is. I’ve seen a poll in which a majority of conservatives said they’d like to see the Federal Government proclaim the US a ‘Christian nation’.

God give me strength!!! Where did the idea of ‘limited government’ go? Having the Federal Government officially endorse a particular religion? Don’t they know any American history???

Not only is this directly counter to the pro-liberty, pro-individual freedom strand of conservatism, it’s also really stupid tactically. It will not win over a single person to us. (There aren’t any people sitting around thinking, “I’d be a conservative, if they only came out for making the US officially a Christian nation”.) And it will repel millions of people who are now in the center, people we need to pull towards us.

It’s such an astoundingly mind-numbingly stupid idea that it’s hard to believe anyone actually entertains it. And in fact, few probably do in a serious way, despite what they tell poll-takers. But enough fools do so, seriously, that our enemies can use it as a bogey-man to frighten people away from us. (Here’s an example: [ Matt Shea - Wikipedia ] This guy is the Enemy Within. )

So … we’ve got to – tactfully, diplomatically, gently – explain to our fellow conservatives who are Christians, what a very very bad idea ‘Christian nationalism’ is.

That’s our defensive task.

Our offensive task is to help open up contradictions within the left-of-center camp, between the ‘woke’ and Hard Left, on the one hand, and the rest of them, on the other. We need to make alliances with non-conservatives who are in favor of Free Speech – people like Noam Chomsky.

And we need to make alliances with non-conservatives who do not want to see, for example, the schools turned into indoctrination camps for sexual eccentricities and anti-Americanism. [ Even the ultra-progressive city of San Franciso recalled its Soros-supported pro-criminal DA (the son of Weathermen) and radical members of its school board. ]

I’ve got a few ideas for how we can proceed, concretely, but first it would be useful to get people’s response to the two basic ideas I’ve presented here.

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Please see my reply to your latest post under the heading A Modest Proposal. It serves to reply to this post of yours as well.

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Got it. Another few characters to make it up to ten or more.

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